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What's a type of impact printer?

-Dot-matrix printers are good for multiple copies/good for carbon

-used for numbers/letters/characters

-low cost per page


-poor graphics

-used at airports/car rentals

Printer head?

-moves back and Forth

Pins hit the ribbon and paper

-has one matrix

Has to move all the way across the page and back again to be able to create the output

Ribbon for impact printers?

-fabric ribbon

-one long ribbon

-never ending cycle

-easy to replace

-get the exactly ribbon size

Tractor feed?

-Continuous paper feed

-uses the holes to be able to pull the paper through the tractor feed

-holes have to line up perfectly

When to replace printer ribbon?

When the light becomes too light to read

Print head replacement?

-gets hot so watch your fingers

-look for a release lever or bar

-replace with the ribbon to get the best outlook

Replacing paper?

-Paper must feed perfectly into holes

-run some tests

-a long sheet of paper must be able to flow freely