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Pietro Belluschi,Equitable, Life Assurance Bldg. inPortland,1944-7

Meis van der Rohe, ITT Engineering BLDG, 1946

Le Corbusier, Unite'd Habitation, Marseilles, 1946

Niemeyer, Church of Sao Francisco,Brazil, 1943

Matta, A Grave Situation, 1946

Wilfredo Lam, The Jungle, 1943

Jackson Pollock, Cathedral, 1947

Adolf Gottlieb, Illuminated Crypt, 1946

Clyfford Still, Untitled, 1945

Wols, untitled, 1946

Karel, Appel, Children with Questions II, 1947

Stanley Spencer, The Ressurection with the Raising of Jairus's daughter, 1947

Graham Sutherland, Thorn Tree, 1945

Francis Bacon, Three Studies for figures at the base of a crucifixion, 1944

Joaquin Torres-Garcia, Animated Forms, 1943

Gyula Kosice, Madi Neon, 1946

Rufino Tamayo, Watermelon, 1941

Fridia Kahlo, Self-portrait, 1940

Johnson and Mies, Seagram Building, 1956

Le Corbusier, Notre Dame du Haut, 1950

Eero Saarinen, TWA Terminal Kennedy Airport, 1956

Jorn Utzon, Sydney Opera House, 1956

Kenzo Tange, Peace Memorial Museum, 1950

Luis Barragan, Eduardo Lopez Prieto House, 1950

Mark Rathko, Green and Maroon, 1953

Franz Kline, Mahoning, 1956

Helen Krankenthaler, Round trip, 1957

Joan Mitchelle, Hemlock, 1956

William De Kooning, Excavation, 1950

William de Kooning, women I, 1950

Barnette Newman, Ver Heroicus Sublimis, 1950

Morris Louis, Tet, 1958

Jasper Johns, Flag, 1954

Jasper Johns, Numbers in Color, 1959

Robert Rauschenberg, Monogram, 1955

Larry Rivers, Washington Crossing the Delaware, 1953

Grace Hartigan, Grand Street Brides

David Park, Nude-Green, 1957

Richard Diebenkorn, Girl and three coffee cups, 1957

Fernand Leger, The Constructors, 1950

Picasso, Women of Algiers, 1955

Alberto Burri, Sack and White, 1953

Nicolas de Stael, Les Martigues, 1954

Maria Elena Vieira da silva, The invisible Stroller, 1951

Francis Bacon, Head Surrounded by sides of beef, 1954

Jiro Yoshihara, Painting, 1959

David Smith, Tank Totem V, 1953

John Chamberlin, Untitled, 1958

Louise Nevelson, Tropical Garden II, 1957

Eduardo Chillida, The Anvil of Dreams, XII, 1954

Cesar, Scorpion,

Eduardo Paolozzi, Japanese War God, 1958

The Family Man

Robert Frank, Bar, Las Vegas, 1955