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Elected by the people.
Illinois Congressmen
Has 118 members
Illinois House of Representatives
Has 59 Members
Illinois Senate
Has the Speaker as the chief officer.
Illinois House of Representatives
Term is 2 years.
Illinois Representative
Term is four years
Illinois Senators
Tries impeachment cases
Illinois Senate
Illinois became a state in this year.
The current capital of Illinois
The past two capitals of Illinois
Vandalia and Kaskasia
The last great Indian uprising in Illinois.
The Blackhawk Wars
Name the qualifications for governor
25 years old
a resident of the state for 3 years
a citizen of the U.S.
Who has the job of enforcing the laws of the state of Illinois?
The Governor
Which house must a bill start in?
A bill begin in either house
What percentage does a bill need to pass in Congress?
A bill needs a simple majority
What are lobbies?
Organized groups that influence lawmakers