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Why were some Americans unhappy with Jay's Treaty
the treaty did not mention impressment or Britain's interference with trade.
What advise did Washington give in his farewell address?
advised Americans to avoid public debt, dangerous foreign alliances, and political divisions at home.
French Revolution
French rebellion begun in 1789 with the Storming of the Bastille in which French people overthrew the monarchy and made their country a republic
Edmond Genet
French diplomat sent to the U.S. to recruit American volunteers to attack British shipping
Jay's Treaty
Britain agreed to pay for damages to the U.S. ships they had siezed, to abandon forts on the western frontier, and to allow small merchant ships to continue trading certain items in the Caribbean; the U.S. aggreed o pay debts owed to British mercants before the Revoltion
Describe two actions Washington took to avoid war
he issued the Proclamation of Neutrality and sent John Jay to work out a treaty with Britain.
Pickney's Treaty
settled the border between U.S. and Spanish Florida; opened the port of New Orleans; provided right of deposit at the port of New Orleans
What conflicts did the U.S. have with Spain? How did the U.S. settle these conflicts?
border disputes and denying U.S. access to the Mississippi R; settled through peace talks (Pickney's Treaty)
right of deposit
right to transfer goods at a destination without havng to pa fees on the cargo.