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when A magneto is disassembled Keepers Are usually placed qcross the poles OF the rotating magnet to reduce the loss OF magnetism . These Keepers Are usually made OF

Soft Iron

How is He strenth OF A magneto magnet checked ?

Hold the points open and cheek the output OF the primary Coil with AN AC Ammeter white Operating the magneto At A specified speed

The E-gap Angel Usually defined As the Number OF degrees between the neutral Poston OF the rotating Magnet AND the positive

where the contact points open

The Greatest density OF Flux lines iw the magnetic circuit OF A rotating magnet type magneto Occurs when the magnet is in what position

Full Alignment with the Fields shoe Faces

The greatest density OF Flux line in, the magNetic circuit OF A Rotating magnet-type magneto occurs when the magnet is in What Position

Full Alignment with the Field shoe Faces

magneto breaker point opening relative to the position OF the rotating magnet And distributor rotor (internal timing) CAN be set most Accurately

during Assembly OF the magneto before installation on the engine

why are high-tension ignition Cables Frequently rooted From the distributors to the spark plugs in Flexible metallic Conduits

To reduce the effect ON the high-Frequency electromagnetic Waves emanated during operation

what Components make up the magnetic system OF A Magneto

Rotating Magnet the pole shoes the Pole shoe extensions And the coil core

in AN Aircraft ignition system one OF the Functions OF the capacitor is to

Facilitate A more RAPID Collapse OF the magnetic Field in the Primary Coil

capacitance After firing in most modern sparkplugs is reduced by the use OF

A built in resistor in Each plug

Where will the voltage in the secondary Windings of A magneto installed on A Normally operating engine be at itS highest Value

Just prior to spark plug Firing

Just prior to spark plug Firing

When the switch is OFF in A battery ignition system the primary Circuit is


as an aircraft engine's speed is increased the voltage induced in the primary coil of the magneto


. when internally timming a magneto the breaker points begin to open when

the magnet poles Are A Few degrees beyond the Neutral position

The purpose OF A safety gap in A magneto is to

protect the high voltage winding From damage

A defective primary capacitor in A magneto is Indicated by

burned And pitted breaker points

How MANY secondary Coils Are required in A low tension ignition system on AN 18- cylinder engine


A magneto ignition switch is connected

parallel to the breaker points

The spark is producded in A magneto ignition system when the breaker points Are

beginning to open

shielding in used ON spark plug And ignition wires to

prevent interference with radio reception

what is the purpose OF using AN impulse coupling with A magneto

To produce A momentary high rotational speed OF the Magneto

The purpose OF staggered ignition is to Compensate For ?

diluted Fuel/air Mixture Around exhaust vaule

Aircraft magneto housings Are usually ventilated in order to

provide cooling And remove Corrosive gases produced by Normar Arcing

Failure OF AN engine to cease Firing After turning the Magneto switch OFF is AN indication OF

an open P-lead to ground

Alignment OF the marks provided For internal timing of A Magneto indicates that the

magneto is AN E-GAp position

when using A timing light to time A magneto to An Aircraft engine the magneto switch should be Placed in the

Both postion

what is the difference between A low tension And A high tension engine ignition system

A low tension system uses A transformer coil Near the spark plug to boost voltage while the high tension system voltage is constant From the magneto to the sparkplugs

What test instrument could be used to test an ignition harness For suspected leakage

A high tension lead tester

The Amount OF voltage generated in ANY Magneto Secondary Coil is determined by the Number OF windings And by the

rate of collapse OF the Magnetic Field around the primary Coil

Magneto breaker points must be timed to open when the

greatest Magnetic Field Stress exists in the magnetic Circuit

IN reference to A Shower of Sparks ignition system 1.) the retard breaker points Are designed to Keep the Affected ignition system operating IF the Advance breaker points should Fail during Normal engine operation After start 2.) the timed of the retard breaker points is designed to prevent engine "Kickback" during start - Regarding the Above statements

only NO. 2 is true

The capacitor type ignition System is used Almost universally on turbine engine primarily because OF its hrgh voltage And

high-heat intensity

In A low tension ignition system each spark plug requires AN individual

Secondary coil

A certain Nine-cylinder radial engine Used a Non compensated single UN.'t dual-type magneto with A Four pole rotating Magnet -N- separately Mounted distributors which of the Following will have the lowest RPM At Any ginen engine speed.


what will be the effect if the Sparkplugs Are gapped to wide

Hard Starting

When removing A shielded spark plug which OF the Following is most likely to be damaged

core insulator

what likely effect Would A cracked distributor rotor have on A magneto

Ground the secondary circuit through the crack

How does the ignition system OF A gas turbne engine differ From OF A reciprocating engine?

A high energy Spark is required For ignition

IN A turbine engine DC Capacitor discharge ignition system where Are the high voltage pulses Formed?

At the triggerIng transformer

which OF the Following breaker point characteristics is Associated with A Faulty Capacitor

Coarse Grained

Hon Are most radial engine spark plug wines connected to the distributor block.

By use of Cable piercing screws

Thermocouples Are usually inserted or installed on the

hottest cylinder on the engine

Capacitance After Firing OF A Spark Plug is caused by

The stored energy in the ignition shielded lead unloading After Normal timed ignition

IF it is Found that A sbeielded ignition system dose Not Adequately reduce ignition Noise it may be necessary to install

A Filter between the magneto And Magneto Switch

When A Magneto is operating What is the probable cause For A shift in internal timing

The CAM Follower Wear and / or breaker points wear

Why Are turbine engine igniters less Supsceptible to Fouling than reciprocating engine spark plug

The high-intensity spark cleaNS the igniter

The constrained GAP igniter plug used in some GAS turbine- engines Operates At A Cooler temperature because

The constrution is such that the spark occurs

what should be used to clean grease or carbon tracks From Capacitors or Coils that Are used in magnetos


Generally when removing A turbine engine igniter plug in order to eliminate the possibility of the technician receiving A lethal Shock the ignition switch is turned off 9NA

the igniter lead is disconnected From the plug And the center electrode grounded to the engine After disconnecting the transformer exciter input lead And worthy the Precribed time

Great Caution should be exercised in handling damaged hermetically sealed turbine engine igniter transformed Units because

Some Contain radioactive material

Igniter plugs used in turbine engines are subjected to high intensity spark discharges AND Yet they have A long Service life because they

DoNot require Continuous operation

The electrical circuit From the spark plug back to the magneto is completed by grounding through the

Engine structure

spark plugs are Considered Worn out when the

'electrodes have Worn Away to About one half OF their original dimensions

Which of the Following Could Cause damage to the Nose Ceramic or to the electrode OF AN Aircraft spark plug?

Improper gapping procedure

sharp bonds Should be Avoided in Ignition leads primarily because

weak points MAY develop in the insulation through Which high tension Current can leak.

in A high tension ignition system A primary Capacitor OF too low A capacity will CAUSE

the breaker contacts to burn

Which OF the Following , obtained during magneto Check At 1,700 RPM indicates A short grounded Circuit between the right Magneto primary And the ignition Switch

Both-1,700 RPM , R-O RPM , L-1,700 RPM

IF AN Aircraft ignition Switch is turned OFF and the R Ng. he continues to run Normally the trouble is probably cAused by

AN open ground lead in the Magneto

Which statement is correct regarding the ignition System of A turbine engine?

The system is Normally de-energized As soon AS the engine starts

when the Ignition Switch of A single reciprocating ewgiwe Aircraft is turned to the OFF position

The primary Circuits of both magnetos Are grounded

A sparkplug's heat range is the results - OF

its ability to transfer beat From the Firing end of the spark plug to He cylinder head

IF staggered ignition timing is used the

Sparkplug Nearest the exhaust valve will Fire First

The term reach As Applied to A spark Plug design AND /or type indicates the

linear distance From the shell gasket seat to the end OF the threads on the shell skirt

The Numbers Appearing on the 1 ignition distributor block indicate the

Sparking order OF the distributor

when testing A magneto distributor block For electrical leakage which of the Followihg pieces of test equipment should be used

A high-tension harness tester

1.) The Platinum And iridium ground electrodes used on Frwe Wvhe spark plugs Are extremely brittle And CAN be broken IF they Are improperly handled or Adjusted 2.) when gapping Massive - electrode spark plugs A wine gauge should be inserted between the center And Ground electrodes while moving the ground electrode in order to Avoid setting the gap too close . Regarding the Above statements

only NO, 1 is true

Hot spark plugs Are generally Used iw Aircraft power plants

with comparatively low operating temperatures

IF A spark plug lead becomes grounded the

Magneto will Not be Affected

which of the FollowIng statements regarding Magneto switch circuits is Not true

in the Both position the right And left magneto circuits Are grounded

which OF the Following statements most Accurately describes sparkplugs heat range ?

A cold plug is designed so that the insulator tip is reasonably short to hasten the rate OF heat transfer From the tip through the spark plug shell to the Cylinder head.

in order ← to turn A MAGNETO OFF the Primary Circuit must be


When pro Forming A MA Eneto ground check ON A engine correct operations is indicated by .

A slight drop in Rpm

Defective spark plugs will cause the engine to run rough At

All speeds

A spark plug is Fouled when

its spark GrouNds without jumping electrodes

which OF the follow Would be cause For rejection OF A spark plug

Insulator top cracked

what will be the result OF using too hot A spark plug


Upon inspection OF the sparkplugs in AN Aircraft Grahe the plugs were Found caked with A heavy black Soot This indicates

A rich mixture

spark plug host range is determined by

its Ability to transfer heat to the cylinder head.

Ignition check during engine run up indicates excessive RPM drop during operation on the right magneto The Major portion OF the RPM loss occurs rapidly After smitchhg to the right magneto position .-. Fast Drop : The Most likely cause is

Faulty or Fouled spark plugs

IF New breaker pants Are installed in A magneto on AN engine it will be nessary to the the

magneto internally And the magneto to the engine

Using A cold sparkplug IN A high-compression Aircraft eaghe would probably results in

Normal operation

spark Plus Fouling caused by head deposits oecurs most often

when cylinder Lead tempmtures Are relatives low

in A Four-stroke cycle- Aircraft engine when does the ignitionevent take Place

Before the piston reaches TDC on Compression stroke

when installing A MAGNeto on An ewghe the.

piston in the NO. 1 cylinder must be A prescribed Number OF degrees before top Center on the compression stroke

The spark occurs At the spark Plug when the inanition's-

primary circuit is broken

The type OF ignition system used on most turbine Aircraft engine is

capacitor discharge

ignition check during engine PUNUP indicates A slow drop in RPM This is usually caused by

incorrect ignition timing or value Adjustment

IF the ground wire OF A magneto is disconnected At ithe ignition switch the results will be the

engine will not stop running when the ignition switch is turned OFF

Which OF the Following Are Advantages OF dual ignition in Aircraft engines D-

l, 2,3

How does high-tension ignition shielding tend to reduce radio interference

reaches And grounds high-Frequency waves Coming From Magneto ANd high tension ignition leads.

in order to relieve excessive pump pressure in AN Engines Internal oil system most engines Are equipped with A

relief value

what is the source OF most OF the heat that is Absorbed by the lubricating oil in A reciprocating engine

pistons And Cylinder walls

How Are the teeth of the Gears in the Accessory Section OF An engine normally lubricated

by splashed or sprayed oil

what is the Purpose of the Check valve generally used in A dry Sump lubrication system

to prevent the oil From the supply tank From Seeping into the crankcase during inoperative periods

From the Following indentify the Factor that has the least effect on the oil consumption OF A specific engine

Mechanical efficiency

Hovis the oil collected by the Piston oil ring returned to the crackCase

through holes drilled in the piston oil ring groove

which OF the Following lubricating system Components is never located between the Pressure pump And the engine pressure system

Fuel line For oil dilution system

As An Aid to Cold-weather starting the oil dilution System thins the oil with


The basic oil pressure relief Value setting For A Newly overhauled engine is made

in the overhauled shop

Where is the oil temperture bulb located on A dry Sump reciprocating engine

oil inlet line

cylinder walls Are usually lubricated by

splashed Or Sprayed oil

IF AN oil Filter element becomes Completely clogged the

bypass Value will open and the oil pump will supply Unfiltered oil to the engine

oil Accumulation in the in the cylinders OF An inverted in line engine And in the lower cylinders OF A radial is Normally reducded or prevented by

extended Cylinders skirts

what is the primary purpose of Changing Aircraft engine lubricating oils At predetermined periods

The oil becomes Contaminated with moisture Acids And Finely divided suspended Solid particles

what determines the Minimum particle size which will be ex excluded or Filtered by A cuno-type (stacked disc, edge Filtration ) Filter

The spacer thickness

what rs the Primary purpose OF the hopper located in the oil supply tank OF Some dry Sump engine installations

to reduce the time required to NAM the oil to operating temperatures

The purpose of the Flow Control value in A reciprocating engine oil system is to

direct oil through or Around the oil cooler

where Are sludge chambers when used in Aircraft engine lubrication System usually located

in the crankshaft throws