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What did Mouse ask for when he got his glass of milk?
A straw
Before Mouse fell asleep, what did the boy do for him?
Read him a story.
What did Mouse need trimmed when he looked in the mirror?
His hair.
What did Mouse want after he got his glass of milk?
A cookie.
When Mouse looked in the mirror after drinking the milk, what was he looking for?
A milk mustache.
When Mouse looked at the refrigerator what did it remind him of?
That he was thirsty.
After Mouse trimmed his hair, what did he do to clean up the mess?
He swept.
After Mouse cleaned the house what did he want to do?
Take a nap.
Where did the boy hang Mouse's picture?
On the refrigerator.
What did Mouse want after the boy gave him a cookie?
A glass of milk
What did Mouse see in the story book that he wanted to do?
Draw a picture.