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unsolicited mass mailings
CAN-SPAM act made it illegal to send uncolicite email without offering way to opt out
softwards that hides presence of intruders
used in combo with trojan software, hackers can change systems setterins and use the computer without user or software detecting it
Computer Viruses
executes unwanted action on victim's computer and has mechanism for replicating itself inside other computer that come in contact
more dangerous evolution of viruses
self propogating - do not need any intervention from the victim - such as clickin on an attachment - to transfer to other pcs
trojan horse
claimes to do one thing but does damage when you run in
installs itself when click on link or disguised pc file
software can be controlled remotely by hackers to extract passwords and other sensitive info
can create ZOMBIE for forwarding spam, phishin emails, and trojan software to millions of other pcs on the interwebzz
man in the middle attack
bogus sites that communicate with legit sites in real time
victims access accounts, but do it the MITM servers that capture all thier info. these servers froce legit site to remain open after victim has logged off, allwing criminals to access acct themselves and w/draw moneyz
computer intrusions or hacking
unauthorized access to pc system; manual or automatic
Denial of Service attack
inundating a pc, router, or other networked device with more packets of data than it can process; blocking any legit requests to access the system
network of compromised pcs or ZOMBIES that controlled by hackesr, usually through trojans to deliver spam, phishing, and DoS attacks (1 million out there)
tricks users into giving personal info to use or resale; fake emails and websites; ebay and paypal accts
what are three examples of security actions what malicious sofware threats do they prevent?
INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEMS: real time, placed at ponts of corporate netwroks to detect intruders; looks for bad passwords and removal of improtant info
---Prevents: computer intrusions, man in the middle attacks, worms, trojans

ANTI VIRUS SOFTWARE: checks for viruses
---prevents: viruses, worms, trojans, phishing, man in the middle, crimeware

SECURITY TRAINING: teaching users to not be stoopid
---prevents: viruses. phishing, rootkits, man in the middle, crimeware
whate are a few security actions a company can take to prevent malicious software attacks?
indtrusion detection software
network monitoring
anti-virus software
security training
null routing
data encryption
multi-factor authentification
IP address blacklist
risk assesment
risks are IDd, assessed for their impact and likelihood, then reduced to acceptable level
waht are the thee steps you should take to conduct a risk assessment?
ID potential hazards
ID vulnerable areas
create a business coninutiy plan (data backups and disaster recovery)
whate are 3 things to do/consider when putting togheter a data back up routine?
give one person responsibility for backing up; designate an alternative

use diff tape or disk to back up each day; keep scheduyle

keep backup secure and offsite if possible