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Outer Directed
look to others for guidance/ followers
Inner Directed
Look within self for guidance
caused by unknown threat
frear of Unknown enemy
starve, have no food, geographical
Technology and communication
over exposure to tragedy and we become amune to it
Primary Sacament
Basic Sacrament
Acceptance into the church
Edict of Milan
Constitine made all religions legal 312
to publicly deny jesus or the church
Personal Approach to sin
relationship and or pattern of actions
Origin of eucharist
Last Supper
Thank you, blessed, sedar meal, barukah meal
Road to Emmaus
Story of jesus sitting , blessing, breaking and sharing bread, old testemant, chiasmic structure
Basic Liturgical Principal
proclamation and response
2 parts of Eucharist
liturgy of the word and liturgy of the eucharist
Present of Jesus
Scripture, eucharist, community, prosider
Marriage laws reflect....
..needs of culture
Periods of normal problem Answer
7- 7 year itch 17- challage of authority, and 27 empty nest, children have grown
2 General Rules to Marriage
Talk before the wedding and Don't critisize inlaws
Normal problem areas in marriage
Children, inlaws, finance, personal
Opposite of love
Apathy - don't care (not Hate)
Classic Approach to sin
One act of morality
Chronic Hunger
Poor, will survive, low body resistance, die from common cold, cured by teaching them how to survive
Origin of confrimation
Baptism final annointing, eventually became sacrament