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Ubicomp vision

Ubicomp research isn't driven by the problems of the past, rather by a vision of the near future

invisible computer

-not consciously aware of it

-indistinguishable from everyday life

-where computers act in support of an ongoing activity, but are not the object of it

-NOT PCs, NOT virtual reality

invisible tools



calm technologies

-can move easily from the periphery to the centre of attention and back again, allowing more things to be attended to

-the person, rather than the environment, must be in charge of moving things
-can extend peripheral reach

calm technology examples

-windows from office to hallways

-live wire (connected to motor, moves when network traffic)

Rogers critiques of Weiser

-critique of notion of calmness

-AI challenges

-ethical issues with monitoring systems

-subsequent work has focused on getting computer to act on people's behalf

-3 themes have dominated

*context awareness

*ambient intelligence


Areas of engaging ubicomp

-playful and learning practices

-scientific practices

-persuasive practices

Playful and learning experiences


-toolkit to promote creative authoring, designing, playing

Hunting of the Snark

-adventure game where children found out about a mysterious creature

Scientific practices

-sensor based instrumentation of medical, environmental, chemical sciences

*sensor infrastructures in the Antartic

-Mobile pollution monitoring

Persuasive practices

-ambient installations to persuade people to take the stairs

-ubifit to increase physical activity

engaging technologies

-don't fade into the background

-promote reflection, learning, creativity, design

Proximate future

Bell & Dourish

-ubicomp driven by shared vision of future, but Weiser's vision 20+ years old

-Why is our vision of the future still the same as Weisers?

-Why hasn't it happened yet?

Can we ever reach Weiser's vision?

-"proximate future" means its always out of reach

-Either Ubicomp can never be attained: it is infinitely postponded and attention is always directed beyond the horizon

-Or ubicomp is here, just in a different form than was envisioned in the 80s

Alternative visions of ubicomp