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agricultural revolution

5000 BC

-discovery of domestic farming

-first domesticated plants were in mexico(corn)

-governments become more formal and permenant

-gender roles differ


-created the mayan calendar

-only priests and families could live in cities

-developed writing system

-1200AD decline due to possible drought- war


-hunters an gatherers

-moved to central mexico 1200

-eagle on cactus caused them to move


-lived in east texas, louisianna

-decendents from mississippi mound builders

-teshas: caddy word for friend>tejas>texas

-traded with other NAs, such as the aztecs

mississippi mound people

catholic church


the black death


95 theses

written by martin luther in protest of the catholic church

protestant reformation

martin luther

former catholic reset who started the protestant reformation

john calvin

henry Vlll





prince henry the navigator

christopher columbus

hernan cortes

-officer in spanish armada


-cuba arrival-early 1500s

1519 hears of wealthy kingdom in mexco

-several ships & 600 men

-goes to tenochtitlan, ends bad, leaves

-later commands army of conquistadors and indians to take back tenochtitlan

-conquered aztecs 1523

la malinche/ dona marina

-slave to mayans, sold by mother

-given to cortez

-became translator to aztecs

-became cortez's mistress, bore son

-became catholic

-dona marina(catholic name)


-mexican island

-now mexico city


-king of the aztecs

bernal diaz

-wrote book 4 decades after the conquest

-disgusted but the pyramids



sir francis drake

-one of the best captains and sailors in the english navy

-pirated spanish ships from their gold and silver

sir walter raleigh

-came from england

-tried to start a colony to find el dorado

john white

-hired by sir walter raleigh to help start colony

-took 300 settlers

-took him over a year to get supplies back in england

-finally comes back with supplies and everyone is gone


-modern day north carolina

-colonists built fort

-virginia dare, first english baby birthed in americas


-indian colony near roanoke, named carved in to roanoke log

panfilio narvaez

-leader of the cuban army sent to arrest cortes

bartoleme de las casas

-went to catholic mass, heard priest speak about how indians were being treated

-did a 180, sold land and freed slaves

-became a priest himself

-one of the first men to become a catholic priest in americas

-spends career protecting indians and speaking out against torched by

1.goes back to europe and talks to king of spain and the pope and they make las that protect indians(now have legal rights)

2. founded his own colony in chiapas in southern mexico, and became bishop, tried to convert mayans to catholosism

3. made a written history of their torcher

ferdinand magellan

-1521 organized journey with 7 ships(3 returned)

-first to sail around the world

-killed in philipine islands

cabeza de vaca

-spaniard from mexico

-1528 wanted to conquer florida

-with narvaez

-tried to sail back to mexico, made tiny rafts, caught hurricane

-vaca tossed into texas

- landed in galveston

-indians made them slaves for slaves 1528-1534

-convinced indians that he was a faith healer and earns freedom

-hears about 7 golden cities(eldorado)

el dorado

-7 golden cities

francisco coronado

-leaves to look for el dorado

-finds pueblo indians

-also looked in great plains, saw millions of buffalo

henry VIII

-split english church (anglican) fro the catholic church

edward VI

-henry VIII's son, leaders ran the country until he was of age

-reigned 6 years

mary I

-daughter of henry VIII and his first wife, edwards sister

-wanted to restore catholic church is original state

-english nobleman that refused were burned and beheadded

-"bloody mary"

-reigned 5 years

-married to phillip I

elizabeth I

-edward and elizabeths sister

-makes england protestant again

spanish armada

-wanted to destroy english navy

-they were destroyed and never invaded

-3 effects of english defeating the spanish armada

1. remains protestant under elizabeth I

2. english navy remains dominant in the atlantic3. because of navy, english settlement of america is now possible

phillip I

-started the spanish armada

-married to mary I

cash crop

-crop grown for sale in europe

-tobacco, cotton, sugar

el mina

-island off the cost of western africa

-portugese word for mine

-portugal, holland, england controlled island and were major slave traders

middle passage

-slaves transported on ships to go to america

-disease and death were common

slave code

1. establish legal status of a slave

2. regulate slave behavior

-legally prohibited from learning to read

-harsher punishments

-couldn't carry firearms


  • who: virginia company
  • what: built poor fort with homes inside, at tacked by indians, received fools gold, barely survived harsh winter
  • when: 1607
  • where: modern day virginia
  • why:

john smith

  • who: former english soldier
  • what: put jamestown under military discipline
  • when:
  • where:
  • why:


who: indian chief






who: powhatan's daughter

what: protected john smith, married john rolfe


where: virginia


john rolfe


what: introduced carribbean tobacco to virginia, marries pocahontas, has a son, sells tobacco & gets rich, goes to meet king james I, pocahontas dies on the way back

when: 1615 dies



joint stock company

who: africa company (virgina co.)

what: sale of slaves


where: england


proprietary charter






virginia company


colonial charter

  1. joint stock company
  2. proprietary colony is property of the founder
  3. roll colony is ruled by the kingship. or governor
  4. where is the colony located & where are boundaries?
  5. who is the founder of the colony and who is allowed to live there?
  6. what colonial government is set up under the charter


  1. colony is only supposed to trade with england
  2. could only buy from england
  3. trade could only be on english ship


plant that the colonies could make money off of


go against mercantilism and trade with other countries colonies

indentured servants

-white servants from england that grew tobacco

-work for 7 years and receive free ride to america

-if they survived contract, they were given free wages

-colony ran out of land, IS's couldn't get reward and were unemployed

-couldnt expand due to land treaty with the indians

_went to nathan bacon

free wages

given these for surviving indentured servant contract

-tobacco seeds



natahan bacon

-leader of rebellion of indentured servants

-dies of dysentary

bacons rebellion

-bacon went to house of burgesses to request war on indians to expand land

-denied, so they burned jamestown to the ground


house of burgesses

-1st elected representative assembly

-local government of colony

-formed 1619

-in order to vote ou had to have property and to be in the house you had to have a certain amount of property and be 21

first slaves (1619)

-virginia becomes economically dependent on slavery after 1676


-founded by george calvert

-lord baltimore


-catholic, could not serve in gov. or universities in england

-established religious freedom

-1692 church of england made official church

-colony set up a slave code

-calvert died before reaching america

-majority of settlers were protestants

south carolina

-most settlers came from jamaica and barbados

-1710 most of the colony became slaves

anthony ashley cooper




yamasee war


-yamasee traded with spanish


-slave owners armed their slaves

religious rubric

1. doctrine: what a church believes

2. presentation-preaching, music, worship, architecture

3. government: how churches choose their leadership



"city on a hill" jonathan winthrop


separatist/ pilgrams

-went to holland

william bradford

-leader of the pilgrims

massachusettes bay company

founded colony

-formed early foundation of colony government

-stock holders only could vote

-changed to males in the church

general court

colony's court changed to this





1. religious

a: old-moses-israel

b: new-jesus-his followers

2. social

a: a religious society based on "the common good"

meeting house

building built at the center of every puritan town

-met there for church

-seat of local government


harvard college


-train puritan ministers in greek and hebrew

roger williams

-1636: sermon thats aid that they should tell the king he made a mistake by giving them the charter without first asking remission from the indians

-puritan minister in salem

-thought it was wrong to force people to go to church

-freedom of religion

-idea to buy land from indians rather than steal

-he was banished, started colony of rhode island, went to england and received charter of it. freedom of religion

-book:"bloody tenant of persecution"

anne hutchinson


- masechussetes

-popular bible study

-inner light



-1637 colonist killed by pequot indian tribe

-colony went to tribe and demanded killer, pequot war began

pequot war


-other colonies joined in to fight

english civil war


parliament vs king (charles I)

-king lost

-parliament decided he could stay king as long as they could run the country

-he denied and was beheaded

james II

-charles II's brother

-ripped up charters

-parliament dethroned him

sir edmund andros

new england dictator