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Bus topology
Configuration in which all devices are conncted to and share a master cable, referred to as the "bus" or "Backbone"
Client/Server network
computer configuration in which one or more computers on the networks act as a server
A computer that uses the services of another program
Communications Channel
Type of link thorugh which data can be transmitted from one computer to another.
Data communications
The technology that enables computer to communicate between each other
LAN protocol that is based on the bus topology, but can work with the star topology as well
Local area network (LAN)
a series of connected personal computers, workstations, and other devices such as pers or scanners with a confined space such as an office building
communications hardware device that facilitates the transmissions of data
Connects one computer to other computers and peripheral devices
Computer acrchitecture in which all of the computes on a network are equal, and ther is no computer designated as the server
Ring topology
computer configuration in which the devices are connected in a cricle, and each computer within the cirlce is connected to an adjoing device on either side
a computer that handles requests for data, e-mail, file transfers, and other network services from other computers (clients)
Star topology
computer configuration in which all of the devices are conneceted to a central hub or computer
The acronym for Transmisson Control protocal/internet protocol, which is the protocol used by both LANs and WANs that has been adopted as a standar to connect hosts on the internet
Token Ring
widely used LAN protocol in which all of the computers are arranged in a cirlce and they communicate by passing adn actching a specail signal, called a token
The way or geometric arrangement of how the network is set up and connceted. Examples of topology are ring, star, or bus.
Transmission media
the physical or wireless system used to move data form one location to another. examples of transmission media are twisted pair wire, coaxial cable, or fiber optic cable
Wide area Network (WAD)
a computer network that covers a large geographical area. Most WANS are made up of several conncetsed LANS