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ABC Air Cargo Guide
Monthly publication of cargo schedules,rates and otehr related information.
ABC World Airways Guide
Monthly publication of passenger schedules, fares and other related information.
Used when applying specific commodity rates. Additional objects, not essential to the normal use of the main article or not an integral component thereof, but intended for use with the main article. For example the cover of an electric typewriter is an accessory.
Act of God (Force majeure)
Damage to goods occuring without human influence. For example storms,floods, lightning, earthquakes, etc.
Advance Arrangement
Means the shipper must contact the carrier prior to tendering the consignment.
A person or organization authorized to act on behalf of another person or organization.
Air Waybill (AWB)
The document made out by or on behalf of the shipper which evidences the contract between the shipper and carrier for carriage of goods over routes of the carrier.
Aircraft Configuration
Planned utilization layout of aircraft interior space.
Aircraft Contour
The maximum inside profile of the constant cross section portion of an aircraft.
Aircraft Pallet
A platform with a flat undersurfact, manufactured to standard aircraft requirments on which goods are assembled and secured by nets/straps/igloos adn subsequently locked into the aircraft. It permits rapid loading/unloading on compatible aircraft conveying and restraint systems. As such it becomes a component of the aircraft loading and restraint system.