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True or False
All customers who purchase Frame Relay Service under a pricing plan will have a twenty-four month period during which their rate for all circuits installed will remain stable.
What are the three stages of a Service Order
Explain the two rate elements for Frame Relay.
Physical Components - the facilities and equipment connecting a customer to the Frame Relay Network.
Logical Components - the components involved with the software programming aspects.
Explain each stage of a service order
Pending - Due Date is in the future.
Completed - Work is completed. Completed service orders remain in the system for one year.
Cancelled - Cancelled by the customer or Qwest.
What are the two Rate Elements for a Frame Relay Service?
Physical Components
Logical Components
What are the four main components of a Frame Relay Service?
Access Link
Committed Information Rate
Permenent Virtual Circuits
True or False
Both non-recurring and recurring charges are included in the phased-in stallation plan for Frame Relay.
What conversation screen would you initiate to view a summary bill for a customer?
What questions would you ask a customer to qualify them for a summary billing?
1. Which BANs will be associated with the summary bill?
2. All BANs must be in the same bill period. Which bill period would you like?
3. What ACNA (customer ID)does does the customer prefer?
4. Would you like to receive the Detail Bills and CSRs in addition to the Summary Bill?
5. How many copies of the Summary Bill would you like to receive and what is the correct Bill Mailing Address?