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What is the birthday of the U.S. Army Warrant Officer Corps?

9 July 1918
How far back can the lineage of the warrant officer be traced?
What official act provided for warrant officers in clerical, administrative, and band–leading positions?
The National Defense Act of 1920
The National Defense Act of 1920 authorized how many active duty warrant officers?
The original Army warrant officers (prior to 1918) served in what positions?
Headquarters Clerk (later designated the Army Field Clerk)
The Act of July 9, 1918 provided for the creation of what warrant officer position?
Army Mine Planter Service
In what four positions did warrant officers of the Mine Planter Service serve?
Masters, mates, chief engineers, and assistant engineers.
Who appointed the warrant officers of the Army Mine Planter Service?
The Secretary of War
What was the original rank insignia of the warrant officer?
Bands of brown braid.
What was the original official color of the warrant officer corps?

In the original brown braid rank structure, the chief engineer and master were denoted how?

Four brown braids
In the original brown braid rank structure, the assistant engineer and first mate were denoted how?
Three brown braids
In the original brown braid rank structure, the second assistant engineer and second mate were denoted how?
Two brown braids
In 1920, how were warrant officer appointments made?
To the Army–at–large rather than specific branches.
The National Defense Act of 1920 excluded warrant officers from what?
Performing duties from which enlisted personnel were also excluded (summary court officer, defense counsel, O.O.D., & assistant adjutant)
The National Defense Act of 1920 made appointment to warrant officer how?
As a reward for enlisted soldiers and as a "haven" for commissioned officers who could no longer remain a commissioned officer.
When was the warrant officer insignia approved?
What is the warrant officer insignia?
The "Eagle Rising"
Who first wore the warrant officer insignia?
The Tank Corps
In 1922, what did congress do to the warrant officer corps?
Reduced the number of warrant officers authorized FROM 1120 TO 600 (exclusive of Mine Planter Service and band–leaders) & PROHIBITED appointment of additional warrant officers.
What warrant officer eligibility opportunity happened in 1939?
WO qualified as pilots were eligible for direct appointment to lieutenant in the Army Air Corps, which further depleted the Warrant Officer Corps.
What was Public Law 230 of 1941?
Authorized appointments up to 1% of the Regular Army enlisted strength.

Established TWO pay rates for warrant officers: Warrant Officer Junior Grade (W1) and Chief Warrant Officer (CW2).
What was another benefit of Public Law 230?
Authorized flight pay for those warrant officers whose duties involved aerial flight.
What were the changes made by Executive Order in November 1941?
Further extended the warrant officer position & provided the following additions:

1. WO could be assigned as prescribed by the Secretary of the Army

2. WO would be vested with the same powers as commissioned officers while the WO was performing the same duties as normally performed by a commissioned officer
In November 1942, what did the War Department do specific to the definition of the WO?
Defined the position of the WO in the rank order as above all enlisted ranks and below all commissioned officer ranks.
When were women authorized appointment to the WO Corps?
January 1944
By the close of WWII, how many women were serving as WOs on active duty?
By early 1946, how many different occupational specialties had WOs?
By 1951, how many different occupational specialties had WOs?
Approximately 60
What was the Career Compensation Act of 1949?
Provided 2 new pay rates for WOs.

Retained designations of WO Junior Grade and CW; however, added W2, W3, and W4 to the CW grade.
When was the Warrant Officer Personnel Act (WOPA) enacted?
What was the Warrant Officer Personnel Act (WOPA)?
Established WO ranks W1 through W4 and officially eliminated the Mine Planter Service.

This is the close of the "Early Period" of the development of the Warrant Officer Corps and the beginning of the "Modern Era" in WO history.
What act marks the close of the "Early Period" of the development of the Warrant Officer Corps and the beginning of the "Modern Era" in WO history.
Warrant Officer Personnel Act (WOPA)
The Army drafted the first definition of the warrant officer in what year?
During the 1957 Army study, the Army adopted a new concept for the WO and provided what 3 guidelines?
1. The need for the WO & the continuation of the WO Corps;

2. The WO would no longer be a reward/incentive for enlisted or former commissioned officers

3. First published definition for a WO established in AR 611–112
What was DA PAM 600–11 and when was it published?
The first Warrant Officer Professional Development Program (WOPDP) in 1966.
When did the Army initiate below the zone selection for CW3 and CW4?
When did the Army reopen the Regular Army Program to WOs?
1968 (closed in 1948)
When were both the rank insignia changed and the grade insignia for W5 and W6 approved, but not authorized?
When was the tri–level education system established for the WO?
What did the tri–level education system of 1972 provide?
Formal training at the basic or entry level for WO in 59 MOS;

Formal training at the intermediate level for WO in 53 MOS;

Formal training at the advanced level for WO in 27 MOS
What was established in 1973 to provide WO access to the highest level of professional education?
Warrant Officer Senior Course (WOSC)
When was the Warrant Officer Division at PERSCOM established?
What did the Warrant Officer Division at PERSCOM provide?
Centralized career management center for all WOs – EXCLUDING JAG and Medical Corps
When was WO civillian education (degree completion) authorized and funded by DA?
When were Reserve Component and National Guard WOs integrated into the Army's professional development program?
Why were Reserve Component and National Guard WOs integrated into the Army's professional development program?
To satisfy the need for qualified, highly trained WOs available to augment the active WO corps rapidly in times of emergency.
When was Total Warrant Officer Study Group (TWOS)?
September 1984
What was the Total Warrant Officer Study Group?
The FIRST Department of the Army COMPREHENSIVE study of WO management from pre–appointment to retirement.
What three things did TWOS establish?
Three distinct levels of utilization and the rank of Master Warrant Officer 4 (MW4):

1. Entry level: warrant Officer – WO1/CW2

2. Middle level: senior warrant officer – CW3/CW4

3. Master level: master warrant officer – MW4 (later changed to CW5)
Some recommendations from TWOS required legislative action. What Act came from TWOS?
Warrant Officer Management Act (WOMA)
What is WOMA?
Warrant Officer Management Act: this is the basis for the management of the ACTIVE DUTY WO CORPS
When was WOMA passed?
It was passed by congress in December 1991
What are the FIVE key provisions of WOMA?
1. Single promotion system for WO

2. Tenure requirements based on years of WO service

3. Approved the grade of CW5

4. Selective mandatory retirement boards for retirement–eligible WO

5. Automatic integration into Regular Army at CW3
When was Warrant Officer Leader Development Action Plan (WOLDAP) approved?
27 February 1992
What is the Warrant Officer Leader Development Action Plan (WOLDAP)?
Total Army plan designed to ensure both active and reserve WO are appointed, trained, and utilized to a single standard.

What are the SIX key provisions of WOLDAP?
1. Accession goal of 8 years or less time in service for WO candidates

2. Comprehensive WO education system

3. Conditional appointment to WO1 upon completion of WOCS

4. Civilian education goals for promotion eligibility: AA degree for CW3 and BA/BS degree for CW4

5. Establishment of the Warrant Officer Career College (WOCC)

6. Pinpoint assignment to CW5
When did the first WOCS class direct appoint to WO1?
8 OCT 1992
What was released on August 22, 2002?
The Army Training and Leader Development Panel (ATLDP)
What was the Army Training and Leader Development Panel (ATLDP)?
1. Focused on training and leader development requirements for WO as Army transformed to Future Force.

2. Part of largest self–assessment ever done by the Army.
What did Army Training and Leader Development Panel (ATLDP) conclude?
Army must make fundamental changes in WO cohort to support full spectrum operations.
Name two changes from the Army Training and Leader Development Panel (ATLDP) conclusions:
1. Full integration of the WO into larger officer corps: Army must clarify the ROLES of WO & then make changes to their professional development, training and education, and manning.

2. 63 changes to improve training, manning, and professional development of WO (most significant changes in WO history).
What changes did ATLDP recommend for insignia and rank: when were they implemented?
9 JUL 2004: 86 anniversary of WO saw:

1. Branch certified WO switch from Eagle Rising to branch insignia

2. CW5 rank changed to silver bar with black band in center
What was published in October 2005?
a revision of DA PAM 600–3 which incorporated Results of the Warrant Officer Personnel Management Study (WOPMS) XXI of 2000 & items from Army Training and Leader Development panel studies from 2000–2004.
(Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management)
Today, who appoints Warrant Officers?
Secretary of the Army
What are key items from the definition of WO1?
basic level, technically & tactically focused officers; primarily support operations from team or detachment level to battalion level; provide leader development, mentorship, and counsel to enlisted soldiers and NCOs
What are key items from the definition of the CW2?
Commissioned officers; intermediate level technical and tactical experts; primarily support levels of operation from team or detachment level to battalion level; provide leader development, mentorship, and counsel to NCOs, other WO, and company grade officers.
What are the key items from the definition of the CW3?
Commissioned officers; advanced–level technical and tactical experts; primarily support operations from team or detachment level to brigade level; provide leader development, mentorship, and counsel to NCOs, WO, other branch officers; CW3 advises the commander on WO issues.
What are the key items from the definition of the CW4?
Commissioned officers; senior–level technical and tactical experts; primarily support battalion, brigade, division, corps, and echelons above corps; provide leader development, mentorship, and counsel to NCOs, WO, other branch officers; CW4 provides essential advice to the commander on WO issues.
What are the key items from the definition of the CW5?

Commissioned officers; master–level technical and tactical experts; primarily support brigade, division, corps, and echelons above corps, and major command operations; provide leader development, mentorship, and counsel to WO, other branch officers; CW5 have special WO leadership and representation responsibilities within their commands; provides essential advice to the commander on WO issues.

What are the Staff Roles?
Support the Commander in understanding situations, making and implementing decisions, and controlling operations.
The staff operates the commander's mission command networks and systems based on what three primary functions?
Support the Commander
Assist subordinate units
Keep units and orginizations outside the headquarters informed
What are 8 Characteristics of a Staff Officer?
Exercises Initiative
Applies critical and creative thinking
Communicate Effectively
What is a Staff Section?
a grouping of staff members by area of expertise under a coordinating, special, or personal staff officer
Who is the commander's principle assistant for directing, coordinating, supervising, and training the staff?
The COS (Chief of Staff) or XO (Executive Officer)
Who is the commander's principal assistants for an area of expertise or war fighting function?
Coordinating Staff Officers
Coordinating Staff Officer are accountable for what?
thier responsibilities
Which Staff Officers help the commander and other staff members perform their functional responsibilities?
The Special Staff
Which staff works under the commander's immediate control?
Personal Staff
How many assistant commander's are normally at division level?
Two – One for Manuever (ADC–M) or Operations (ADC–O) and one for Support (ADC–S)
What are the examples of the Personal Staff Group?
Who commonly makes up the Personal Staff Group?
Personal assistants, such aides–de–camp;

Personnel the CO desires to supervise;

Personnel who by law/regulation have a special relationship with CO
What is the Secretary to the General Staff (SGS)?
The SGS acts as the XO for the COS
What is the G–5/S–5?
Civil Military Operations
What is the G–6/S–6?
Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Operations
What is the G–7/S–7?
Information Operations
What is a support operations or materiel officer?
Authorized in support commands/battalions. The principle staff officer for coordinating logistics and combat health support.
The coordinating staff consist of?
ACOS, G1, S1– Personnel
ACOS, G2, S2– Intelligence
ACOS, G3, S3– Operations
ACOS, G4, S4– Logistics
ACOS, G5, S5– Plans
ACOS, G6, S6– Signal
ACOS, G7, S7– inform and influence activities
ACOS, G8, S8– Resource Management
ACOS, G9, S9– Civil Affairs
Chief of Fires
Chief of Protection
Chief of Substainment
Chief of Fires, Chief of Protection, Chief of Substainment are authorized at what level?
Division through theater
What are the S–1 Responsibilities?
Manning, personnel services, personnel support, and headquarters mangement.
What are the S–2 Responsibilities
Intelligence readiness, intelligence tasks, intelligence synchronization, other intelligence support, counterintelligence, and support to security programs
What are the S–3 Responsibilities?
Training, operations and plans, and force development and modernization
What are the S–4 responsibilities?
Sustainment Plans and Operations, Maintenance, Transportation, Services, Staff Planning and Supervison, and operational contract suppport
What are the S–5 Responsibilities?
Planning for operations for the mid– to long–range planning horizons. (Future Plans)
What are the S–6 Responsibilities?
communications, electomagnetic spectrum operations, and networks within the unit's area of operation
What are the S–7 Responsibilities?
planning.coordinating, and intergrating inform and influence activities of the command
What are the S–8 Responsibilities?
all financial management (resource management and finace operations) within theater
What are the S–9 responsibilities?
all matters concerning civil affairs and responsible for enhancing the relationship between Army forces and the civil authorities and people in the AO.
Who does the Chief of Sustainment have coordinating responsibility for?
G–1, G–4, and G–8
Who exercises coordinating staff responsibility over special staff officers?

The COS (XO)

When was the Great War Fought
What were the Unintended consequences of WW1
Bolshveist Revolution
Cold War
What were the FOUR reasons for WW1
Who was the most powerful industrial nation at the beginning of the 21st century?
The U.S.
What accounted for more than a third of all U.S. exports?
Wheat and Cotton
In 1914 Woodrow Wilson declared ____________.
A Policy of Strict Neutrality
What was the Schleffen Plan?
A German war plan that called for an attack, passing through Belgium to capture France.
When was the war declared?
4 August 1914
Why did the U.S. get involved in WW1?
unrestricted submarine warfare
German Barbarism
German dictatorship
U.S. Business interest
The Zimmerman Note
What was the Zimmerman Note?
Germany asking Mexico to enter the war against the U.s.
When did the U.S. enter the war?
April 1917
Who commanded the American expeditionary Force?
General John j. Pershing
What was a significant element of WW1?
Trench Warfare
What diseases were soldiers likely to get while fighting in trenches?
Trench foot and trench Mouth
When was poison Gas first used?
Against the French at the Battle of Ypres in April of 1915
How did soldiers protect themselves against chlorine gas?
Soaked handkerchiefs in urine and covered their face with it
During the battle of Somme 57,470 British and Canadian troops died the first day due to ________________.
Their inability to adjust doctrine to modern technology.
During what battle were drainage ditches destroyed, causing the area to flood, sinking troops and tanks?
The Battle of Passchendaele
When did Max Von Baden ask Woodrow Wilson for a cease fire?
4 October 1918
When did WW1 officially end?
11 November 1918
What were the FIVE treaty's named at the end of WW1
Versailles, Sr. Germain, Trianon, Neuilly, Serves
What were the TWO popular air planes for allied forced during WW1?
Fairman MF II and the Fairman MF 7
When and what was the first Allied plane to shoot down and enemy air craft?
Voisin III, 5 October 1914
Who developed the first zepplin?
Ferdinand Zepplin
When did the first Zepplin Fly?
2 July 1900
What was the most devistating weapon used by the infantry during WW1?
The Machine Gun
What Mobile Howitzer could fire a 2,200lb shell over 9 miles?
Big Bertha
Who invented the worlds first automatic machine gun?
Hiram Maxim
What was the most popular rifle of the U.S. Army during WW1?
When did WW2 Begin?
What countries made up the axis of power?
Germany, Italy, and Japan
When did Emil hacha sign over control of Czechoslovakia to Germany?
15 march 1939
When did Great Britian and France declar war on Germany?
3 September 1939
during What operation was all heavy equipment abandoned and left in France?
Operation Dynamo
What was operation SeaLion?
An amphibious and air plan designed to destroy British industry. It was never carried out due to the loss of the Battle of Britain.
What Lead to Pattons victory at the second battle of Kasserine pass?
He read his opponents book on tank warfare.
What was Roosevelt most remarkable and vital achievement in the formation of the anti Hitler Alliance?
The Lend Lease Act
When did Hitler sign and non agression act with the USSR?
How many men were in the "Red Army" of the USSR?
What is one of the largest tank engagements in world history?
The Battle of Kursk
When was D–Day?
6 June 1944
What is the Nickname for the Douglas C47 Dakota?
The Gooney Bird
When was Paris Liberated?
25 August 1944
What was the importance of the battle of Bastogne?
It was a hub for 7 major roads and a railroad
Allied Forces bombed the city of Dresden in waves. It resulted in __________.
A firestorm that consumed 11 square miles.
What caused the Japanese to attack the U.S.
U.S. sanctions on Japan after their invasion of Indo–China
When did the Japanese attack pearl harbor?
7 December 1941
What was the first setback to the Japanese forces in the pacific?
The Coral Sea
Wat was the turning point in the Pacific?
The Battle of Midway
When and where was the first atomic bomb dropped?
Hiroshima 6 August 1945
When did Japan surrender?
14 August 1945
What lead to an revolution in military affairs and changed not only the structure of war, but also that of the entire world?
The Atomic Bomb
What was the Primary infantry weapon of WW2
M1 Grand
What replace the 38. Cal handgun?

The M1911 Colt

What is the Operational Environment?
A composite of the conditions, circumstances, and influences that affect the employment of military forces and bear on the decisions of the unit commander.
From the 1940s to the 90s what threat did the Army focus on, and what was it linked by?
The old Soviet Bloc

What are the Eight Operational Variables?
Physical Environment
What do the Eight Operation variables Represent?
A "System of Systems". All variables are multi Faceted, complex and inter relational in nature.
What are the FOUR basic categories of Nation State Actors
Core states
Transition states
Rogue States
Failed or Failing states
What are some examples of Non–State Rogue Actors?
drug trafficking or other criminal organizations
What are Insurgents?
Groups that conduct irregular or unconventional warfare within the borders of their country in order to undermine or overthrow a constituted government.
What are examples of Non–State third party actors?
Humanitarian Relief
News Media
trans national corporations
What is a Non–Combatant?
An individual, in an area of combat ops, who is not armed and is not participating in any activity in support of any factions.
What are Unlawful combatants?
Individuals who participate in hostilities without governmental authorization or under international law.
what are some of the Non–Combatant Motivators?
Personal dissatisfaction
job satisfaction
Garner political favor
What si an example of an unlawful combatant?
Civilians attacking a downed airman
What is a Threat?
Any specific foreign nation or organization with intentions and military capabilities that suggest it could be adversarial or challenge the security interests of the united states.
What is a Hybrid Threat?
A diverse and dynamic combination of regular and irregular forces as well as criminal elements all unified to achieve mutually benefiting effects.
What are some of the Hybrid Threats across the spectrum of conflict?
North Korea
Operational environment consist of all the _____,____, and ____ that affect military operations.
Conditions, circumstances, and influences.
In the 21st Century, the army will be called upon to _____ and ______.
Prevent escalation of conflict and Respond to more foreign or domestic crisis's.
What Does the Political Variable Focus on?
All political power within a given OE
What does the Political Variable Describe
The distribution of responsibility's and power at all levels of governance or cooperation.
What does the military variable Explore?
It explores the military capabilites of all relevant actors within a give OE.
Analysis of the military variable should focus on?
Actors ability to field forces, and leverage them for used domestically, regionally, or globally.
When confronted by a stronger military power weaker forces will ______________.
Employ irregular capabilities and methods, using indirect approaches to achieve their aims.
The military variable also explores _________.
Emerging thoughts and concepts that lead to adaptations, investment decisions or change in operational designs.
What does the Economic variable encompass?
Individual behaviors and aggregate phenomena related to the production, distribution, and consumption of resources.
What are some alternative structures indicating weakness in the mainstream economy?
Black market or underground Economies.
What doe the social variable describe?
The cultural, religious and ethnic makeup with a give OE
What Does a Social SYSTEM consist of?
people, groups, or institutions that exhibit shared identity, behavior, values, and beliefs.
What do social GROUPS consist of?
groups organized, integrated, and networked by relationships interacting with their environment.
What is a culture?
A system of shared values, beliefs, customs, behaviors, and artifacts that members of society use to cope.
What are some important characteristics of a social system?
population demographics
migrations trends
standards of living
cohesiveness of cultural, religious, or ethnic groups
What percent of the population currently lives in urban areas and what is it expected to grow to?
40%, over 60%
What does the information variable describe?
The nature, scope, characteristics and effects of individuals, organization and systems that collect, process, disseminate, or act on information.
Information systems are the ___________.
infrastructure that enable the dissemination and storage of information.
What must commanders do to achieve their operational and strategic objectives?
understand and engage the informational environment.
What doe the infrastructure variable describe?
it's composed of the basic facilities, services, and instillation needed for the functions of a community or society.
What variable also reflects the technological sophistication of a give OE?
What does the physical environment describe?
Defines the physical circumstances and conditions that influence the execution of operations throughout the domain of air, land, sea, and space.
What are the defining factors of the physical environment?
Complex terrain and urban settings
environmental conditions
What does the time variable describe?
it influences the military operations in terms of the decision cycle, op tempo, and planning horizons.
Political will and popular support for military operations are closely linked to what variable?
What doe core states represent?
More that half of the roughly 200 countries in the world today. Democratic to a varying degree.
What doe transition states represent?
Industrialized countries like chine, India, and Russia that want to be accepted as core sates and major powers.
What doe rogue states represent?
Countries that are hostile to their neighbors or us.
What are some states officially considered to be rogue?
North Korea
What do failing sates represent?
Weaker countries losing the ability to meet the needs of their population and are falling apart.
A hybrid threat consists of _____ or more states.


What is Critical Thinking
"a deliberate process of thought whose purpose is to discern truth in situations where direct observation is insufficient, impossible, or impractical."
What is the purpose of Critical Thinking?
to get you to visualize a problem, its solutions, and the ramifications of those solutions.
What is a direct result of mission planning involving critical thinking?
Decision Making
What is one purpose of Creative Thinking?
to better your problem solving and leadership abilities
What methods are used to better improve situations?
Simple Evolution, Synthesis, Revolution, Reapplication, and changing directions
What ae the 9 approaches that bring Disipline to Thinking?
Clarity, Accuracy, Precision, Relevance, Depth, Breadth, Logic, Significance, and Fairness
What are the 8 Intellectual Traits?
Fair–Mindedness, Intellectual Humility, Intellectual Courage, Intellectual Empathy, Intellectual Integrity, Intellectual Perseverance, Confidence in Reason, and Intellectual Autonomy
What are traits exhibited by Habitual Critical and Creative Thinkers?
Curiosity, Just because they want to know, Define a Problem, Evaluatiing Evidence, and logical reasoning
What is the process of forming conclusions, judgements, facts, opinions, or inferences?
What is reasoning where a conclusion is a logical consequence of the premise?
Deductive Reasoning or Deductive Logic
What is the process of reasoning in which a person uses a number of specific established facts to draw a general conclusion?
Inductive Reasoning or Inductive Logic
What is Observation
Collect Facts without Bias
What is Analysis?
Classify facts by establishing patterns of regularity
What is Inference?
from the patterns, infer generalizations about the relationship between facts
What is confirmation?
test the inference through futher observation
Inductive Reasoning is useful when there is _______ about a problem?
limited information
What are twop additional tools to enhance critical and creative thinking?
Making a list and Brainstorming
What are the Pitfalls in Thinking?
Internal and External Bias
What are internal biases?
Biases that are independent of your enviroment
What are some External Biases?
Cultural Deformation, Presentation Bias, Tunnel Vision, and Wishful Thinking Bias
What are two tools to avoid Pitfalls in Thinking
Diagnostic Technique and Contrarian Technique
What is Diagnostic Technique?
procedure followed to avoid the pitfall
What is Contrarian Technique?
is when you directly challenge an assumption or outcome
What ae three things you check for when using diagnostic technique?
Check your assumptions, check your information quality, and check for deception
Which technique would you use to play "devil's advocate"
Contrarian Technique
When using the Contrarian Technique it is as if you are searching for what?
the worst possible information or outcome
What are other techinque's that can be used under the Contrarian Technique?
Devil's Advocate, What if, and Pre–Mortem Technique
What are the Universal Intellectual Standards
Clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, and fairness
What FM covers Critical and Creative Thinking?
FM 5–0

While your ability to think critically gets faster the more you practice it, you first?

have to think how to think

What is Black Rain?
Radioactive debris from an Atomic Explosion
What Three allied leaders met at the Yalta convention after WW2?
Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Harry Truman
The Cold War can be descrive as _________________.
A period of East–West competition, tension, and conflict short of full scale war.
What does MAD stand for?
Mutually Assured Destruction
The real wars, sometimes called ________, as they were fought by ________.
Proxy wars, Soviet allies rather than the USSR itself.
What was a direct response to the decision to allow West Germany to join NATO?
The Warsaw Pact
When was The Warsaw Pact signed?
When did Stalin die?
05 March 1953
How were relationships driven between the U.S. and the Soviet Union?
A Complex interplay of ideology, nuclear and conventional arsenals compiled, political and economic factors, which lead to shifts between cautious cooperation and bitter rivalry.
What was the FIRST U.S. Army combat formation to deploy form Japan to South Korea?
Task Force Smith

The most Important lesson of the Koran War was the ______________.

rudament of fire and maneuver on foot.
What is limited War?
Armed conflict short of general war, exclusive of incidents involving the overt engagement of the military force of TWO or more nations.
What is the most VIOLENT small unit fighting in all of American warefare?
Chosin Resivoir
What new peice of military equipment was introduced during the Korean War?
The Helicopter
When did North Kora Announce a formal decliration of war?
25 June 1956
What was an early turnign point in the korean war?
Inchon Landing
What was the soviet plan to counter the U.S. emerging lead during the Cold War?
To place Missile instilaiong in Cuba
How did the U.S. combat the Cuban missile crisis?
By imposing a Naval quarantine on cuba
The Koran war was also known as ____________.
The war that sent our troops back to school
What battle caused the French to pull out of Vietnam?
Dien Bien Phu
What were the Goneva Accords on 21 July 1954?
To Allow 300 days of free movement
An Election to be held in 2 Years
Vietnam be divided at the 17th parelle
What was the importance of Operation Ranch Hand?
Denied the vietcong use of roads and trais with the use of AGENT ORANGE.
What are the THREE stages of revolutionary warfare?
What is vietnamization?
Phase Withdrawl of troops from vietnam and transfer of responsibility to south vietnam
What was operation "Rolling Thunder" and how long did it last?
A sustained American bombing raid of north vietnam. 3 years
What was the Ho Chi Minh trail?
A complex web of different jungle paths that enabled communist tropps to ravel from north vietnam to areas close to Saigon
When was Air Cavalry Born?
During the Ia Drang Campaign in 1965
What were the THREE technological developments of the vietnam war?
Air Cavalry, Laser guided smart bombs, and infrared scopes.
What was the largest operation of the vietnam war?
Operation Ranch Hand
What Political ramification did the Tet Offensive have in the U.S.?
LBJ lost credibility and decided not to run for re–election
What were the TWO goals of LAMSON 719?
To show communists that Vietnamization was working and to pressure Communists to respond to Kissenger Peace Initiatives.
When did IRaq invade Kuwait?
02 August 1990
How big was the Iraqi Army?
4th Largest in the world
What were some technological advancements of the Gulf War?
Satelite GPS, Stealth Technology, and Computer viruses
What was teh FOUR phase plan to strike Iraq?
Operation Instant Thunder
What principle of war best illustrates Desert Strom?


The legal basis and framework for a military establishment charged to"____ _____ _____ _____ ____" were set forth in subsequent sections in the constitution.
provide for the common defense
In 1787 the framers of the constitution established what over armed forces of the United States?
Civilian Control
Article I Section 8 gives power to what to provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining the militia?
The Constitution
What article and section appoints the president as the nations Commander and Chief?
Article II Section 8
What two branches of the federal government share in the responsibility for providing in the nations defense?
Legislative and Executive
Who created the combined chiefs of staffs?

President Roosevelt and Prime minister Church Hill

Initially the American Joint Chiefs of staff consisted of three men who were they?
1. The Army Chief of Staff
2. The Commanding General of the Army Air Forces
3. The Commander and Chief of the U.S. Fleet and Chief of Naval Operations
Congress Passed what Act to formally establish and facilitate better control over the military?
National Security Act of 1947
As a result of the National Security Act what 5 things did it create?
1. National Security council (NSC)
2. National Military Establishment (NME)
3. Service Secretaries
4. Unified and Specified combatant commands
5. and made the JCS as a permanent organization
Who is the principal assistant to the President of the United States in all matters of pertaining to DoD?
Secretary of Defense
The Act of 1986 _________________was an attempt by congress to rectify problems in joint operations.
The Goldwater–Nichols Act did what three things?
1. Designated theChairman as the principle military advisor
2. Transferred the corperate duties of the JCS to the chairman
3. Specified the Chain of Command from the President to the Secretary of Defense to the combatant commanders
What is the Purpose of Homeland Security?
Prevent Terrorist attacks within the US, reduce Americas Vulnerability to terrorism, and minimize the damage from terrorism and national disasters.
What departments under the National Security organization would most likely be apart of the national security process?
Department of State
Department of Defense
Department of Homeland Security
Department of Justice
___________are the broad and enduring purposes for which the services (USA, USN, USMC, and USAF) and SOCOM were estalished by congress in law.
What are specific responsibilities assigned by the President and Secretary of Defense to enable the the services to fulfill their legally established roles?
What are task assigned by the President or by the Secretary of Defense to the commanders of combantant commands?
The _________is the nations decisive land warfare force.
Who is the nations initial response force?
Who is the nations force to provide forward presence?
Who is suppose to attain and sustain air superiority?
Air Force
What service also has Statutory law enforcement authority?
Coast Guard
What is a unified or special command with a broad continuing mission under a single commander?
Combatant command
Combatant Commands have 2 typical responsibilities what are they?
Geograhical and Functional
Unified combatant commands are typically divided into 2 types of of commands what are they?
Geographical and Functional
What are the 6 Area of Responsibility Regional commands?
U.S. Northern command (USNORTHCOM)
U.S. European Command ( USEUCOM)
U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM)
U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM)
U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM)
U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM)
What are the three Functional Commands?
Strategic Command
Special Operations Command
Transportation Command

When more than one service is working together under one mission it is called?

Joint Task Force JTF

The key to effective intergration of joint forces is to understand the capabilities and ________ of the components then assign them missions that best meet the overall objective.