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New York City
Washington was inaugurated here on April 30, 1789 after an 8 day triumphant journey from Mount Vernon
Judiciary Act of 1789
it called for the Supreme Ct. to have one Chief Justice and 5 associate justices; Washington named John Jay as the first Chief Justice of the U.S.; set up 13 district cts. and 3 curcuit cts. of appeal; it is the responsibility for the ct. to enforce, the Constitution, federal laws, and treaties
Secretary of War
Henry Knox
John Adams
vice presidet under George Washington.
Secretary of State
Thomas Jefferson
Why did the Americans elect Washington as president?
Washington had led his country through the dangers of the American Revolution, he had presided over the Constitutional Convention, and now he was to head the government and that was to make the Constitution work.
electoral college
a group selected by state legislatures to represent the popular vote, though the electors could vote for different candidates
a group that advises the president; made up of heads of the executive department
an action or decision that later serves as an example
Secretary of Treasury
Alexander Hamilton
Attorney General
Edmund Randolph