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SN (5)

-auscultate chest for fines bilateral crackles continuous reassessment before and after fluid admin

-titrate to pt response HR<100 BP>100

-don't delay Tx, IV en route

-consider TPT in chest injury not responding to fluid

-Haemorrhage from blunt trauma not considered as uncontrolled

Clinical signs of dehydration (6)

-postural perfusion changes including tachycardia, hypotension or dizziness

-decrease sweating and urination

-poor skin turgor, dry mouth, dry tongue

-fatigue and altered consciousness

-evidence of poor fluid intake compared to fluid loss

-dehydration in the hyper glycaemic pt Mx with this CPG

Modifying factors (4)

Complete spinal cord transection Rx as per Spinal Injury CPG

-pt with insolate neurogenic shock can be given up to 500mL NaCl bolus to correct hypotension and no further fluid if SCI is the sole injury

Chest injury

-consider TPT Rx as per Chest Injury CPG

Penetrating trunk injury, aortic aneurysm or uncontrolled haemorrhage

-accept palpable carotid pulse and Tx

GI haemorrhage

-consider less fluid vol and accept BP 80-100

HR <100 and BP >100 Mx

-consider modifying factors

-auscultate chest

-fluid not required unless signs of dehydration

then give NaCl up to 20mL/kg IV over 30/60

HR >100 and BP>100 Mx

isolated tachycardia

-consider modifying factors

-auscultate chest

-NaCl 20mL/kg IV

-auscultate chest

-repeat NaCl 20mL/kg IV if HR >100

-after 40mL/kg consult and if unavailable auscultate chest and repeat NaCl 20mL/kg IV

BP <100 Mx

-consider modifying factors

-auscultate chest for bilateral fine crackles

-NaCl 20mL/kg IV

HR<100 and BP>100

-no further fluid reassess and Tx

HR>100 and/or BP <100

-insert second IV

-auscultate chest

-repeat NaCl 20mL/kg IV

BP remains <100

-consult and if unavailable auscultate chest and repeat NaCl 20mL/kg IV