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need ______ to make hormones. thyroid hormone gives us energy


hyperthyroid Graves disease: too much energy


nervous weight gain sweaty hot exophthalmos low attention span increased appetite irritable fast gi increased b/p heart problems bigger thyroid

amiodarone an antiarrythmic contains iodine may affect

thyroid fxn

d/c iodine containing drugs for ________ before thyroid scan

1 week

hyperthyroid tx

antithyroids iodine compounds in milk/juice straw beta blockers blocks surg of epi not for asthmatics diabetics radioactive iodine-destroys thyroid cells watch for thyroid storm

hyperthyroid sx

thyroidectomy give tapazole preop to stun thyroid post op no tension on incision no reaching hob elevated look for bleed behind neck hoarsness weak voice tx report pressure keep trache at bedside eye care important

hypothroidism myxedema at birth called creatinism watch for newborn


no energy fatigue slow gi increased wt cold slow slurred speech no expression

hypothyroid tx

take synthroid for life tend to have CAD get EKG

hyperparathyroid-hypercalcemia-hypophos Sedated


too much ca serum ca up serum phos down

hyperparathyroidism tx

partial parthyroidectomy out 2 PTH secretion down ca down look for hypocalcemia


not sedated


not enough PTH low ca high phos

hypoparathyroidism tx

iv ca phos binding drugs

cortisol is a hormone of the __________ _______

adrenal cortex

increased ACTH=increased

cortisol level

too many steroids=


aldosterone: retain _____ &_____

loose K

sodium and water

too much aldosterone

fluid vol excess and hypokalemia

not enough aldosterone

fluid vol deficit and hyperkalemia

addisonian crisis

severe hypotension and vascular collapse


too much steroids

steroids decrease serum ca by excreting it through gi tract

diabetes type 1

little or no insulin first sign dka appears abruptly

have to have insulin

diabetes type 1 s/s

polyuria -think shock first

polydipsia -thirst


treat with insulin

diabetes type2 s/s


metabolic syndrome-abd obesity increased triglycerides decreased hdl increased b/p CAD

treat with lifestyle chgs

diabetic pt illness=


in type 1 metabolic acidosis

ideal HbAc is

4-6% or less

HbAc of _____ is dx of diabetes


________ insulin is only one given in iv fluids or infusion


_______________ is only one given via subQ insulin infusion pump

rapid acting "log"

hypoglycemia is glucose level of _____ or less

70, give D50W unconcious give sugar and fatty foods give milk juice honey under tongue

type 1think ___________

type 2think___________


HHNK (no acidosis, no ketones, no kussmauls)