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Composition Types

Ayre: solo voice and solo instruments

Motet: Catholic

Chorale: Protestant

Anthem: Anglican

Madrigal: four part harmony - soprano, alto, tenor, bass

Polyphony: two or more voices harmonizing in different melodies


musical echoes

Ave Maria

composer: Josquin

composition: Motet

- uses imitation

- Sistine Chapel choir

Flow My Tears

composer: John Dowland

composition: Ayre

- known for writing sad songs

In Eclesiis

composer: Giovanni Gabrielli

compostion: motet

- split (two) choirs

- split voices

- stereo effect

- polychoral = split chords

Gloria from Pope Marcellus Mass

composer: Palestrina

composition: motet

- saved polyphony

Fair Phyllis

composer: John Farmer

composition: madrigal

Three Dances

composer: Susato

composition: dance music

- no words

The White & Sweet Swan

composer: Arcadelt

composition: madrigal

- different levels of meaning