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Whendid WW1 Start & Finish?

1914 – 1919

Whatwas the Treaty of Versailles?

The treaty ofVersailles was the peace treaty between the victorious allies and defeatednations.

Whowere the Allies?

Britain, France,Belgium, Italy, Russia, America Australia.

Whowere the three important politicians?

David LloydGeorge of Britain, Clemenceau of France and Woodrow Wilson of America.

How many points were included in the treaty of Versailles and what arefour of the most important?

14, four of thepoints were No more secret treaties, countries must seek to reduce weapons andarmed forces, national self determination should allow people of the samenationality to govern themselves and all countries should belong to the leagueof nations.

Whowere ‘The Big Three’?

France, Britainand America.

Summarizethe views of ‘The Big Three’?

France wantedrevenge on Germany, America wanted peace, whereas David Lloyd George had twoseparate views, public and private, his public view was that Germany had to paybut his private view was that Germany should treated with more forgiveness.

What was the final agreement?

Seeing as thoughGermany lost the war land was divided up between the victorious allies andGermany had to pay large amounts of debt to the victorious countries as well.

Whatwas the League of Nations? Was it a success?

The League ofNations was a group created to unite all the countries of the world and ensurepeace, it was unsuccessful partly due to the fact that the creator of the groupand president of the worlds most powerful country Woodrow Wilson // America,did not join the league.

Comparethe treaties, which ended both WW1 and WW2:

In the firsttreaty, Germany was treated with harsh terms and had literally everything takenaway from it, In the second treaty, the victorious countries treated Germanywith more kindness and sought to rebuild the country.

What is Mass Production?

Mass Productionis the ability to produce products on a large scale at a single site.

Whatwas the Roaring Twenties?

The name given tothe time period of the 1920’s named the roaringtwenties because of the loud and generally party like atmosphere of thetime.

Who wasHenry Ford? What did he do?

Henry Ford wasthe creator of Ford cars and the founder of the assembly line, which he used inthe production of his cars.

What isa production line? How did it help?

A production lineis an assembly line, which quickens and cheapens the production of goods.

Whatwas the social revolution?

The socialrevolution during the 1920’s was mainly about the women, girls were accepted insport, were seen smoking and drinking, shortened the length of their dressesand hair, danced more and were very informal with men.

Whatwas the Jazz Age?

The Jazz age isthe term often used to describe the 1920’s.

Whendid the Great Depression Begin?

The GreatDepression officially began when the Wall Street stock market crashed onOctober 29, 1929.

Whatwas the Wall Street crash?

Collapse of thestock market in New York 1929.

What was one business that boomed during the great depression?

Cinema,as people went to watch movies to forgot reality.

Who wasaffected most and least during the depression?

The most affectedwere the working class and poorer classes of the community, the least affectedwere the rich who actually benefited from the great depression.

How did each of the world’s government’s dealwith the depression?

At first theAmerican president Herbet Hoover cut government spending but after his defeatin 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt started spending MORE money. Britain,France, Canada and Australia took the same response as Roosevelt, after he hadof course and less ambitions. The Soviet Union was less effected by the greatdepression, In Germany Adolf Hitler rose to power, discontinued paying the wardebt and started building up the country again and In Japan the militaryleaders gained more power.

Whatwas buying on margin?

Paying10% of an item and having 90% loaned by the bank.

Whatdid Laissez faire mean?

Laissez faire wasthe official name for the American government not interfering with the economy.

Whatwas a nickname for Central America during the great depression?

Dust Bowl.

Whatdate was the Wall Street crash?

Officiallycrashed on Tuesday October 29th 1929 // Black Tuesday.

What was a stock market?

Organizedtrading of stocks.

What issupply and demand?

Supply: The stockthat the companies had.Demand: How muchthe public wanted that stock.

Whatwas the Axis Alliance?

The Axis Alliancewas the partner ship between Germany, Italy and Japan.

Whatwas a concentration camp?

Collections ofbuildings, fenced in, where people like Jews, Political enemies and criminalswere put.

Whatwas Fascism?

A broad term thatrefers to a group of political ideas that emerged after WW1.

Whatdoes Fuhrer Mean?

German word forleader.

Who wasAdolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler wasa political leader in Germany during the 1930’s and 40’s and possibly the mostnotable figure in WW2.

Whatdoes Imperialism mean?

Beliefthat one country can control all other countries.

What isa Isolationist Policy?

When one countrychooses not be involved and separate’s itself from all the other countries.

Whatwas the Nazi Party?

Germanpolitical party, which was led by Adolf Hitler.

What does the term ‘master race’ mean?

Group of peoplewith specific racial features & beliefs who are regarded as the superiorfeatures.

Whatwas Propaganda?

Distribution ofinformation used to promote particular beliefs, but often based on incorrect orbiased information.

Whatwas the Weimar Republic?

The Permanentdemocratic government of Germany.

Who was the Einsatzgruppen?

The NaziParamilitary death squads.

Whatwas a Ghetto?

Old ‘slum’ areasor poorer parts of a town, which was designated for Jews during WW2 andHitler’s reign.

Whatwas the Final Solution?

to eradicate the jews

Whatwas the Iron Curtain?

Imaginary barrierbetween communist eastern Europe and democratic Western Europe.

Whatand when was the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Confrontationbetween the united states and soviet union in 1962 over missile bases beingestablished in communist CUBA.

WhatDoes M.A.D stand for?

MutuallyAssured Destruction.

Whatdoes détente mean?

Period ofpeaceful co-existence between the US and Soviet union in the 1970’s.

Whatwas the U.S Civil Rights Movement?

Series of actionsaimed to improve the rights of African Americans in the USA.

Whatdoes Abolitionists mean?

People andorganizations who sought to stop racism and injustice.

Whatdoes Lynching Mean?

To put a personto death by whipping, hanging, mutilating, burning or other illegal actions.

What isa constitution?

Written laws onhow a government should function in society.

Whatare the ‘Jim Crow’ Laws?

Laws passed thethe 1870’s and 1950’s that legalized and enforced racial segregation.

Whatwas the Underground railroad?

Escaped slavesfrom the south would be transfereed from one safe house to another until theyreached the north.

Whatand who was the Ku Klux Klan?

Group of whitesupremesits formed in 1866.

Whatwas the thirteenth amendment?

Abolished slavery across the US the 14th gave all African americans the right to citinzenship and the 15th gave them all the right to vote.

Whatwere the North and South about?

The north wasagainst slavery and racism because they were more industrialised and reliedless on slaves, the south was less industrialized and relied heavily on slaves.

Whatwere the freedom rides?

A simple butdaring plan where blacks and whites would ride together on buses through themost segregate parts of the south.

Whatwere Sit ins?

A small group ofblacks would go to a whites only section of a café, where they were refusedservice.

Whatdid C.O.R.E stand for?

Congress ofracial equality.

Whatdoes NAACP stand for?

National Association forthe Advancement of Colored People.

Whatwas the assimilation policy?

Laws thatexpected aborigines and torres strait islander peoples to abandon their cultureand adopt the ‘white’ way of living.

Whatwas the day of mourning?

Declared onAustralia day 1936 by Aboriginal Activist William Cooper as the ‘day we lostour land’.

Whatwas the Protection Policy?

Laws that enableAustralia states government to control aspects of Aborignal life.

Whatdoes terra nullius mean?

“Land Belongingto No-One”

Why was it so easy for whites to take ownership of Australia?

Because theAboriginal // original owner of the lands had no way of ownership and didn’teven have a word for ownership in their language.

Who wasWilliam Cooper?

Willaim Cooperformed AAL and was an important figure in the changing of Australia Racialtreatment.