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Sexual value system
The sum of all thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that have an erotic meaning for a particular individual
Penile strain guage
A narrow metallic or rubber noose that fits around the base of the penis and sends electrical messages to devices that record increases in the circumference of the penis during erection
Vagainal photoplethysmograph
A small deevice inserted into the vagina that measures the engorgement of blood vessels during sexual arousal
Nocturnal penile tumescence
Penile erections during sleep
Spinal cord
Part of the central nervous system located inside of the vertebral column. Sensory messages ascend to the brain and motor messages descend from the brain through the spinal cord.
The simplest stimulus-response connection of which the nervous system is capable
A well-defined, discrete collection of nerve cells inside the central nervous system
Limbic system
A circuit of subcotical brain structures that play an important role in the experience and expression of emotions
Autonomic nervous system
Part of the peripheral nervous system, made up of two separate brances, the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. Internal organs, blood vessels, and endocrine glands receive nerve fibers from the autonomic nervous system.
Sympathetic nervous system
Branch of the autonomic nervous system that activates physiological responses in "fight-or-flight" conditions
Parasympathetic nervous system
Branch of the autonomic nervous system that regulates heart rate, respiratory rate, and metabolic and digestive activity under normal physiological conditions
The gradual accumulation of blood in blood vessels. Vasocongestion in the genitalia and lower pelvis accompanies sexual arousal in women and men.
A shortening and softening of an erect penis. Ejaculation may or may not preced detumescence.
Refractory period
The post-ejaculatory interval in men during which continued erotic stimulation is ineffective in rearousing the individual
A very simple form of learning in which repeated presentation of a stimulus lead to progressively diminisheed behavioral responses
Substances that are supposed to enhance erotic perceptions and sexual performance.
Drugs that are thought to inhibit or diminish sexual arousal and that may foster disinterestedness in sexual interaction
Air-borne hormones that affect complex behaviors in some subhuman species. Some of these agents act as sex attractors. The existence of human pheremones is debated.