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The study of life and living processes
Process of maintaining a stable internal environment in the body or within a cell despite external changes
What are some variables that are kept in homeostatic balance in the body?
pH, body temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure, electrolytes
Why must homeostasis be maintained?
In order to maintain cellular shape and integrity and to keep proteins happy.
What is feedback control?
Feedback control is the means by which homeostasis is maintained. It is a stimulus-response mechanism.
What does feedback control regulate?
Feedback control regulates hormone secretion and neural reflexes.
What is the step-by-step order of feedback control along the afferent pathway?
1. Stimulus: change in variable
2. Receptor: detects change
3. Input: information sent along to control center.
What is the step-by-step order of feedback control along the efferent pathway?
4. Output: information sent along to effector
5. Response of the effector: to reduce the effect of stimulus
What is negative feedback?
Negative feedback is the most common type of feedback. It decreases the original stimulus.
Factor or event being regulated
Sensor that monitors and responds to changes by Afferent pathway.
What is the control center and what does it do?
The control center could be the brain or cell with hormones. It determines level at which variable is to be maintained.
What is positive feedback?
Positive feedback is rare and the response increases or exaggerates the original stimulus. It can cause rapid change in a process.
What are some examples of positive feedback?
Labor and blood clotting
Provides the means for the control center to respond to stimulus.