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The vitamin that is also considered a hormone

Vitamin D

Childhood deficiency disease for vitamin D


& the adult version is Osteomalacia

Vitamin D can be produced in the skin in response to

UV rays of the sun

The major dietary source of vitamin D is

fortified Dairy

... is the mineral present in the body in the greatest quantity


Consumption of this mineral in water has lowered the rate dental caries because it strengthens the crystal structure of teeth


The disease in which bone mass is lost to such a degree that fractures can occurr in bones especially the wrist, spine, and hips


The major mineral important for nerve muscle and heart function and is a cofactor in over 300 enzymes, also a major component of bone and is found in whole grains.


The majority of the boys phosphorus is stored in


Making up 20% of the human skeleton, this bone is also referred to as spongy bone


is the term used to describe the simultaneous breaking down and formation of bone


Hormone that is released in response to low blood calcium levels

Parathyroid hormone

condition that results from the over consumption of flouride


the most accurate test for bone density

DEXA scan

Vitamin D enhances and regulates the absorption of

calcium and phosphorus

the chief function of vitamin K is

blood coagulation

the major organs involved in the activation of Vitamin D are

liver and kidneys

What vitamin is routinely given to newborns


the strongest predictor of osteoporosis is


Excess consumption of vitamin K especially from supplements can interfere with prescription


what bone is the compact bone that forms 80% of the skeletal system


.... are involved in the breakdown of old bone cells and ...... are involved in the synthesis of new bone cells

osteoclasts & osteoblast

In addition to dietary sources, vitamin K is produced in .... by ....

large intestine by intestinal flora

The phase of the life cycle in which bone loss is the greatest is


Modifiable risk factors for osteoporosis are

inactivity, low body weight, smoking, irregular/absent menstrual cycle, poor diet , meds.

the maximum amount of calcium the body is able to absorb one time is

500 mg

One should not take these two supplements at the same time

calcium and iron

the two main types of calcium supplements are

calcium carbonate and calcium citrate

this is the point at which our bones are the densest

peak bone density

the result of a DEXA scan is reported as a .... score

T score

Food sources for vitamin K are

leafy green vegetables

Significant dietary source of fluoride besides water is


Recommendations for vitamin D intake increase in later adulthood because

synthesis of vitamin D decreases with age