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name the components of the lymphatic system

vessels, lymph nodes, spleen, intercellular fluid

lymph nodes

act as philters against pathogens, foreign objects, and cancer cells, and are major sites of immunity cells like B and T.

they become inflamed and enlarged in response to various sicknesses, from infection to cancer.

primary immune response

- an antigen is exposed to the body for the first time, which does not immediately respond to it with antibodies

- instead, a lag phase occurs as B cells differentiate into plasma B cells, which can produce large quantities of antibodies. This lag phase usually takes around 2-3 days, but can last much longer.

- antibodies are produced, usually in a small amount, and kills the pathogen

- over time the antibody count decreases

secondary immune response

- in which an antigen is exposed to the body for a second time, perhaps days or years after the initial exposure.

- this time, the lag phase is drastically shorter, called an anamnestic immune response, due to the presence of memory cells.

- antibody count tends to stay high for longer this time.

vaccines in immunity

much like natural exposure, this causes the production of antibodies and more importantly memory B cells which will allow for an anamnestic immune response.

booster shots are sometimes needed to renew the memory cells and antibodies, much like a secondary immune response.

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