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The best current definition of gender is
D. The psychological experience of being male or female
When the male and female gametes fuse together, this is known as
C. Fertilization
Males have a(n)___ chromosomes pattern, while females have a(n) ___ chromosome pattern
Females are biologically produced by
C. The absence of testosterone
Male and female genitalia develop from the same prenatal tissue. Thus the glans in males will become the ___ in females.
C. clitoris
The term "intersexual" is used to refer to someone who
A. Has both male and female genitalia
A person is born with a genetic sex and normal internal genitalia, but with mixed or opposite external genitalia. This person is known as ___
D. A pseudohermaphrodite
When someone's genitalia is referred to as ambiguous, this means that it is_____
B. Not distinguishable as male or female
____ is a condition in which a female fails to develop ovaries due to being born with only one "X" chromosome.
C. Turner's syndrome
The labia minora in females will become the ____ in males.
B. Penile shaft
Which of the following is a type of androgen?
____ is a condition in which a male is born with an extra "X" chromosome, leading to the development of a smaller than normal testes which do not produce sperm.
A. Klinefelter's syndrome
_____ is a condition in which an abnormality on the "X" chromosome causes a male to born with normal internal genitalia but feminized external genitalia.
B. Androgen insensitivity syndrom
____ is a condition in which an excessive level of androgens causes a female to have masculinized external genitalia
D. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia
The part of the Y chromosome which is critical to the formation of male genitalia is known as ___
____ regulate(s) puberty, aggression, and sex drives in men.
D. Androgens
A number of male and female sexual anatomical structures are ___ with each other, meaning they develop from same embryonic tissues and are found in a different form in the opposing gender.
B. Homolgous
In the United States, the average number of intersex births is approximately ____
C. 2000
Hermaphroditism is a rare genetic disorder, as only about ____ cases have been documented worldwide.
B. 400
According to current protocol, the medical determination of gender assignment today is based on ____.
Gender and gender roles are ultimately determined by
D. Culture
Culturally determined behavioral expectations based on gender are known as
B. Gender roles
The belief that one gender is inherently superior to the other is known as
D. sexism
A person who exhibits mixed or neutral gender characteristics is said to be
D. androgynous
A person whose sexual identity does not match their genitalia is known as
B. Transgendered
Due to the social assumptions they both carry, gender and sexual orientation have a relationship with one another which is best described as
B. Often quite complicated
Which of the following are factors that are included in the meaning of a person's sexual orientation?
C. Both of the above.
According to your text, which of the following could accurately described as gay?
C. Both homosexual men and women
Why is transgender referred to in your text as an umbrella term?
B. Because it applies to a range of people, all of whom behave or have appearances which are not consistent with their biologically assigned sex.
The only way to know someone's sexual orientation for sure is
B. To have the person tell you him or herself
The purpose of the Kinsey Orientation Scale is to
A. Illustrate Kinsey's idea that sexual orientation is experienced as a continuum
What do essentialist theories on the origin of sexual orientation argue?
B. It is shaped primarily by biological and developmental processes as we mature.
What do constructionist theories on the origin of sexual orientation argue?
A. It is shaped primarily by the environment and personal experiences as we mature.
In twin studies, identical twins show a higher incidence of homosexuality that do fraternal twins. What does this imply about the origins of sexual orientation?
A. Parenting practices do not seem to matter as much as genetics.
What does the neurohormonal theory suggest about the influence of hormonal exposure in the womb?
B. Being exposed to increased levels of opposite-sex hormones may direct to the brain to develop as if the fetus were the opposite sex.
According to your text, which of the following is true about Reparative Therapy?
A. By definition, it advocates the idea that people who are homosexual can be converted into homosexuals
As part of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory, he believed that all children are born innately ____ and then become heterosexual or homosexual adults depending on their experiences with their parents.
D. Bisexual
In what year did the American Psychological Association declassify homosexuality as a mental illness?
C. 1973
How did research of Evelyn Hooker help separate the idea of homosexuality from that of mental illness?
D. All of the above
Queer theory gives attention to the social construction of "normal" and "deviant" sexual behaviors and how they change over time. According to your text, when did this school of though emerge?
C. Early 1990s
Which of the following can be influences on the timing of the coming-out process?
D. All of the above
According to your text, what does "coming out" refer to?
C. The process of developing a positive gay identity.
According to your text, which of the following, if any, are commonly reported fears associated with the coming out process?
D. A and B only
According to current research findings, which of the following is among the most strongly evidenced trends seen among gay youth?
B. Their rate of substance abuse is markedly higher than that of their heterosexual peers.
Despite efforts to the contrary, why is it thought that hate crimes are still underreported?
D. All of the above
In what decade was the Hate Crimes Statistics Act (HCSA), which requires the U.S. Justice department to collect data on such crimes and publish them yearly?
C. 1990s
Current trends show an increase in people who
C. Stay single.
What is the main goal accomplished by the development of Stein's Singlehood Typology?
A. It illustrates the diversity and fluidity of life among people who are single.
What is an urban tribe?
D. All of the above
Which of the following, if any, are factors influencing the ability to expand time spent single during young adulthood?
A. Increased opportunities for women to obtain educational credentials and jobs that pay more than a living wage.
Which of the following is considered a characteristic of cohabitation based on recent research?
B. For self-identified gays and lesbians nationwide, at least 50% are cohabiting.
According to recent surveys, which of the following age groups represent the largest group of cohabiting couples?
C. 30s and 40s
Of all of the reasons given by people for cohabiting listed in your text, which was the most popular reason given?
A. Wanted to have a trial relationship to be sure.
Looking at the information in this chapter as a whole, it seems that cohabitation is most likely to begin_____
B. Informally or ambiguously
Which of the following, if any, does your text say may be disadvantages of cohabitation?
D. All of the above
What is the HRC [Human Rights Compaign]?
B. A civil rights organization dedicated to ensuring certain rights for cohabiting couples that are usually only available to married couples. Life campaign associated with a family policy "Think-tank."
As of 2010, which of the following states issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples?
A. Iowa
Which of the following states recognize same-sex marriages that took place in other states?
D. All of the above
Of the groups discussed in your text, which of the following, if any, reported the highest levels of sexual satisfaction in a recent survey about sexual relationships?
C. Monogamous married couples.
According to multiple research findings on couples' relationship satisfaction, the more___ there was in the relationship, the greater the sexual and marital relationship satisfaction that was reported.
B. Affection and sexual behavior
Which of the following are included i your text's description of infidelity?
D. Both A and B are true
Scholars of relationships consider there to be more than one kind of Extramarital Sex (EMS). Which of the following is seen as a category of EMS?
A. Clandestine
Which of the following is often reported by therapists as the most difficult relationship issue to treat in counseling?
A. Extramarital affairs
According to your text, what do the majority of scholars of relationships expect to see in the long term?
D. Probable increases in diverse family forms, which unpredictable societal reactions to them.
Which of the following might be realistic sources for marital models?
D. All of the above
Sexual desire can be conceptualized at which of the following levels?
D. All of the above
Which of the following have been reported as research findings above how men experience sexual desire?
D. All of the above
Which of the following hormones, if any, are associated with sexual desire in women?
B. Testosterone
Which of the following statements was a finding of the literature review on women's sexual desire?
B. Women tend to have sex as a way to express love for their mates.
By definition as stated in your text, sexual arousal is
D. Both A and B are true.
Which of five human senses is the dominant sexual sense, and therefore most often responsible for sexual arousal?
C. Touch
What is vasocongestion?
B. The phase of arousal in which the genitals fill with blood
During which phase of Masters and Johnson's Sexual Response model does the Cowper's gland produce secretion in males?
B. Plateau
According to recent comprehensive study of 11,000 participants, for which of the following age groups is masturbation most prevalent?
B. 25-34
According to recent reports of a large scale study, which of the following people should be most likely to masturbate as part of their sexual lives?
A. Someone with a college degree, who makes over $75,000 yearly income.
According to the recent study discussed at length in your text, women report using masturbation as
B. A practice that contributes to their overall sexual fulfillment.
According to your text, the Victorian era ushered in a time when health care professionals thought that one's diet affected their ability to resist the urge to masturbation. Which of the following household staples was once seen as a way to curb the urge?
B. Graham Crackers
According to a recent survey on American sexual habits, which of the following, if any, represent the approximate percentage of men who reported never having engaged in masturbation?
A. About 5%
According to the author of your text, why is it important to study sexual fantasies?
D. All of the above
What is Cunnilingus?
B. The erotic oral stimulation of female sexual organs
According to recent research about American trends since the 1990s, which of the following is true regarding the practice of fellatio?
B. More than 80% of people aged 15-44 have engaged in it.
What is tribadism?
B. A sexual practice involving the mutual rubbing of vulvas together between female couples.
Which of the following are included in your text as examples of common sexual activities shared by gay male couples?
D. Both A and B are true.
In recent studies of sexual behavior, which of the following groups, if any, report higher levels of sexual desire than those reported by heterosexual men?
D. Homosexual men
According to your text, which of the following are true statements about sexual dysfunction?
A. It is broadly defined as the inability to fully enjoy sex.
As a whole, some type of sexual dysfunction affects close to ___ of all women surveyed by the American Psychological Association (APA).
D. Half
Similar to women, men's sexual dysfunctions can be caused by which of the following kind of issue's?
D. All of the above
Which of the following, if any, are mentioned in your text as true about erectile dysfunction in men?
D. All of the above
Which of the following data from recent survey accurately represents the findings about men and affected by rapid ejaculation (RE)?
D. All of the above