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The biome located in the most northern latitudes and has permafrost.


The biome is made up of mostly conifer trees. Very cold winters and cool summers.


The biome with trees that lose their leaves each year.

Deciduous trees

The biome that has been turned into farmland.


The gradual replacement of one community by another

Ecological Succession

Ecological succession in a place where a community already exists

Secondary succession

Ecological succession that occurs after an ecosystem has been wiped out or is starting new

Primary succession

The first species to live in a lifeless or wiped out area

Pioneer species

A new community in a wiped out or lifeless area

Pioneer community

The final stage of succession when abiotic and biotic are balanced or stable.

Climax community

Through secondary succession, an abandoned farm can turn into a _______________


The biome with thick canopies of leaves that block out sunlight. This biome receives the most rainfall.

Tropical Rainforest