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What is ecology?

A broad, integrated discipline of study that involves the relationships of organisms to each other and their environment

Who proposed the term ecology?

Ernest haeckel in 1869

What are biotic factors?

A living Factor

What is an abiotic factor?

A non-living factor

What is a population?

Groups of individuals of the same species

What is a plant community? Biotic community

Unit composed of all the species of plants occurring in a given area

What is an ecosystem?

Living organisms interacting with one another and with factors of the nonliving environment constitute an ecosystem

What is biomass?

Total mass of the living individuals present

What are xerophytes?

Plant species that occur in areas of low precipitation and high temperatures

What are hydrophytes?

Plants that grow in water and are modified for aquatic environments

What are producers?

Organisms capable of carrying on photosynthesis / making their own food

What are primary consumers?

Organisms that feed directly on producers

What are secondary consumers?

Organisms that feed on primary consumers

What are decomposers?

Organisms that break down materials to forms can be reassimilated by producers

What is allopathy?

The negative effects of black walnut hulls on understory plants

What is life history?

Traits that control plant survival and reproduction

What is the big bang reproduction strategy?

A strategy where species devote all of their resources towards growth for most of their lives then when conditions are favorable most the energy goes into a final single reproductive burst

What is repeated reproduction?

When plants can produce seeds throughout their lifetime

What is an annual?

Plants that grow vegetativly with reproductive growth occurring towards the end of the season, once seeds have been produced the plants die

What is a biennial?

Plants that put all their energy into growth for one year then on the second year put it into reproduction with the plants dying afterwards

What are perennials?

Plants that grow for many years

What are some traits of competitive species?

They're large, persistence, and fast-growing but often are slow to reproduce

What are stress tolerant species?

They're small, are slow-growing, have a limited reproductive ability and do not respond to nutrients

What are the traits of a weed?

Their fast-growing, are small, many are annuals, and reproduce quickly

What is phenology?

The timing of crucial events in the life of a plant

What are aquifers?

Porous rocks that collect water and transmit the water to Wells and Springs

What is succession?

Something that occurs whenever and wherever there has been a disturbance of natural areas on the land or in water

What is primary succession?

Succession involving the formation of soil in the beginning stages

What is secondary succession?

Succession that takes place in areas that had previously developed vegetation and had experienced a drastic environmental change such as conversion to farmland

What is a climax community?

A relatively stable plant community

How much of the Earth surface is dominated by humans?


What are the many problems that environmentalist claim?

Climate change, ozone depletion, and loss of biodiversity

What is the greenhouse effect?

The accumulation in the atmosphere of gases that permit radiation from the Sun to reach the Earth surface but prevent the heat from escaping back into space

What are the two gases in Ozone depletion?

Methane and chlorofluorocarbons

When does asset disposition occur?

After fossil fuels are burned