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Lu 1 (Lung 1)
Relieves fatigue and strengths the lungs. Use for loud coughs or asthma.
Lu 5 (Lung 5)
Main point for muscular disorders and conditions of excitement. Relieves elbow pain.
Lu 7 (Lung 7)
Master point for head and neck. Use to tonify front limb.
Lu 9 (Lung 9)
Influential point for arteries. Relieves breathing difficulties, clears lungs and relieves laminitis pain.
Lu 11 (Lung 11)
Use for acute emergencies such as respirtory failure. Strengthens the immune system. Use to sid laminitis and nose bleeding.
LI 1 (Large Intestine 1)
Benefits laminitis, ringbone, navicular - all hoof problems. Emergency point.
LI 4 (Large Intestine 4)
Master point for face and mouth. Relieves head, neck, foreleg and shoulder pain. Important pain-reducing point, beneficial for pain in any part of the body. Balances the gastrointestinal system.
LI 10 (Large Intestine 10)
Use to relieve pain or paralysis of the arm or shoulder. Helps arthritic conditions of the elbow.
LI 11 (Large Intestine 11)
Relieves diarrhea and benefits the immune system. Use for arthritic elbow. Often used in the treatment of allergic or infectious disorders.
LI 14 (Large Intestine 14)
Relieves shoulder tension and relaxes shoulder muscles. Use for relief of stiff neck.
LI 15 (Large Intestine 15)
Use to relieve arthritis of the elbow and shoulder.
St 1 through 4 (Stomach 1 through 4)
Use for disorders of the face including eye problems, toothaches, jaw tension and facial paralysis.
St 2 (Stomach 2)
Relaxes muscles, tendons and the body in general. Excellent pain relief point. Use in conjunction with St 36 for colic conditions.
St 25 (Stomach 25)
Use for abdominal disorders and the increase circulation in the legs. Relieves leg pain.
St 35 (Stomach 35)
Relieves hind leg joint pain. Use to relieve pain or arthritis of the stifle.
St 36 (Stomach 36)
Master Point for teh abdomen and gastrointestinal tract. Used to relieve fatigue. Stimulation of this point benefits digestion and helps restore the immune system. Use with St 2 in colic situations. It can be used to increase contractions during labor.
St 41 (Stomach 41)
Use this point for lameness of the hindlegs, hind limb and joint soreness.
St 45 (Stomach 45)
Used to relieve indigestion and abdominal soreness.
Sp 1 (Spleen 1)
Regulates circulation of Chi and Blood. Helps balance energy of the entire meridian. Benefits laminitis and arthritis.
Sp 2 (Spleen 2)
Supports the spleen. Helps relieve constipation, benefits laminitis.
Sp 3 (Spleen 3)
Regulates Chi, benefits the spleen. Use for ankle arthritis and ringbone.
Sp 5 (Spleen 5)
Use for connective tissue weakness and stomach pain.
Sp 6 (Spleen 6)
Junction of the three Yin channels of spleen, kidney and liver. Good point to work to relieve fatigue or weakness. Relieves gastrointestinal disorders and is effective for relief of chronic diarrhea. Use for allergic or immune-related disorders. Aids in the relief of pelvic limb problems. Strengthens mare's reproductive system. Do NOT use during pregnancy.
Sp 9 (Spleen 9)
Supports the spleen. Reduces stifle and pelvic pain, help regulate the estrous cycle and urinary disorders.
Sp 10 (Spleen 10)
Relieves stifle pain. Builds the immune system and helps regulate estrous cycle.
Sp 21 (Spleen 21)
Controls all Yin meridians. Use for laminitis, liver disorders, general weakness, back pain.
Ht 1 (Heart 1)
Clears energy flow of the meridian. Relieves arthritis of the shoulder and is useful in relaxing your horse.
Ht 5 (Heart 5)
Use to relieve vision disorders. Benefits rheumatism of the forelimb.
Ht 6 (Heart 6)
Use for behavioural problems, helps to calm your horse. Also benefits rheumatism of the forelimb.
Ht 7 (Heart 7)
Use to calm your horse, clears the heart and mind. Benefits carpal joint arthritis.
Ht 9 (Heart 9)
Helps to balance energy of the entire meridian. Use to reduce fever. Use for cardiovascular emergencies.
SI 1 (Small Intestine 1)
Use to balance energy of the entire meridian. Benefits laminitis and helps reduce fever. Can improve milk production.
SI 3 (Small Intestine
Use for arthritis in the fetlock, knee or shoulder pain.
SI 5 (Small Intestine 5)
Use for colic and muscles spasms of the neck, carpal joint problems, navicular or bowed tendons.
SI 6 (Small Intestine 6)
Use to relieve stiff neck, foreleg and shoulder pain. Benefits the tendons.
SI 8 (Small Intestine 8)
Relieves shoulder, foreleg and elbow pain.
SI 9 (Small Intestine 9)
Important forelimb point. Use to relieve rheumatism or arthritis of the forelimb, twisted shoulder or strained elbow or bicep muscle.
SI 17 (Small Intestine 17)
Softens hard muscles and balances glands.
Bl 10 (Bladder 10)
Used for cervical, shoulder or back pain, can benefit wobblers.
Bl 11 (Bladder 11)
Use this point for any type of bone or joint disorder. Helps relieve rheumatoid arthritis. Enhances bone healing.
Bl 13 (Bladder 13)
Used for lung problems including bronchitis and asthma.
Bl 14 (Bladder 14)
Calming effect, benefits lung congestion.
Bl 15 (Bladder 15)
Calming affect, helps regulate the flow of Chi.
Bl 17 (bladder 17)
Use for all blood disorders. Benefits weariness of all four limbs, lethargy and back pain.
Bl 18 (Bladder 18)
Use for liver disorders, benefits back pain and tendinitis.
Bl 19 (Bladder 19)
Use for tendon and ligament issues.
Bl 20 (Bladder 20)
Calms digestive disorders. Use for medial stifle disorders.
Bl 21 (Bladder 21)
Use for gastrointestinal disorders and lateral stifle problems.
Bl 22 (Bladder 22)
Relieves abdominal pain, hormone problems of the thyroid and adrenals and lower back pain.
Bl 23 (Bladder 23)
General arthritis point. Helps relieve chronic lower back and lumbrosacral pain. Strengthens immune system.
Bl 24 (Bladder 24)
Relieves lumbosacral pain and moves stagnant Chi.
Bl 25 (Bladder 25)
Helps relieve constipation and diarrhea. Relieves pain in the neck, shoulder and lower back. Use for hock and stifle arthritis.
Bl 27 (Bladder 27)
Relieves indigestion. Use for sciatica and lower back pain.
Bl 28 (Bladder 28)
Helps relieve urinary bladder problems. Use for neck and back pain. Colic point.
Bl 40 (Bladder 40)
Use for arthritis is stifle, hip and lower back.
Bl 60 (Bladder 60)
Aspirin Point. Use for arthritis of the hock and soft tissue injury.
Bl 67 (Bladder 67)
Balances energy of entire meridian. Benefits navicular and any hoof problems.
Ki 1 (Kidney 1)
Use for shock. Helps relieve laminitis.
Ki 2 (Kidney 2)
Use for sexual dysfunctions. Benefits the pastern and tendinitis.
Ki 3 (Kidney 3)
Use to help restore the immune system. Estrous cycle irregularity. Use for arthritic hocks.
Ki 6 (Kidney 6)
Regualtes hormones. Relieves hoof pain.
Ki 7 (Kidney 7)
Stimulate if your horse is fatigued. Aids in relief of hock and back pain.
Ki 27 (Kidney 27)
Use for respirtory ailments or chest pain.
Pe 1 (Pericardium 1)
Use to calm heart palpations and heart murmurs. Helps with respirtory problems.
Pe 6 (Pericardium 6)
Master Point for chest and cranial abdomen (front of abdomen). Powerful point for all chest conditions including pneumonia. Improves circulation. Releases poll tension or pain. Powerful anxiety reducer. Balances the internal organs.
Pe 7 (Pericardium 7)
Local point for knee. Calms the spirit and regulates the heart.
Pe 9 (Pericardium 9)
Blances energy of entire meridian. Helpful in easing navicular pain. Use also for foreleg arthritis, fetlock and knee problems. Benefits laminitis.
TH 4 (Triple Heater 4)
Relieves pastern discomfort such as tendinitis, rheumatism, foreleg edema and arthritis. Relaxes the tendons. removes obstructions for the meridian. Use in chronic disease conditions when energy of the kidneys is deficient.
TH 5 (Triple Heater 5)
Use for rheumatic conditions. Helps ease tendinitis. Use for navicular pain.
TH 6 (Triple Heater 6)
Use in colic situations. Use for navicular pain and neck soreness or pain.
TH 8 (Triple Heater 8)
Connecting point of three Yang meridians. This is a shoulder, neck and forelimb release point.
TH 10 (Triple Heater 10)
Use for elbow and forelimb soreness, sprains and rheumatic pain. relaxes tendons.
TH 14 (Triple Heater 14)
Use for shoulder lameness and soreness.
TH 17 (Triple Heater 17)
Use for ear problems. Use for estrous cycle irregularities.
TH 23 (Triple Heater 23)
Benefits the eye, relieves pain)
GB 20 (Gall Bladder 20)
Alleviates head and neck tension and pain.
GB 21 (Gall Bladder 21)
Relieves shoulder pain and arthritis. Use for hock pain. Softens tense muscles.
GB 24 (Gall Bladder 24)
Use for stomach indegestion disorders. NOTE: Horses do not have a gall bladder but this point affects the liver.
GB 25 (Gall Bladder 25)
Use for kidney disorders or problems with water metabolism and lower back pain.
GB 29 (Gall Bladder 29)
Use for disorders of the joint, especially the hip joints.
GB 30 (Gall Bladder 30)
Use for sciatica problems and hip soreness. Relaxes the tendons and restores joint mobility.
GB 34 (Gall Bladder 34)
Influential point for muscles and tendons. Relieves stifle pain.
GB 38 (Gall Bladder 38)
Use for hock problems. Reduces eye pain.
GB 39 (Gall Bladder 39)
Influential point for building bone marrow. Use to strengthen the immune system.
GB 44 (Gall Bladder 44)
Use to relieve laminitis, arthritis and hock problems.
Liv 1 (Liver 1)
Use for laminitis or side bone.
Liv 2 (Liver 2)
Relieves diarrhea. Can help in colic conditions.
Liv 3 (Liver 3)
Invigorates and clears the meridian system. Helps eye problems. Calming point.
Liv 4 (Liver 4)
Relieves pain in lower abdomen. Use for colic, stomach upset and hoof problems.
Liv 5 (Liver 5)
Helps resolve irregular estrous cycles. Can benefot rheumatism of the hind leg.
Liv 8 (Liver 8)
Relieves medial stifle problems.
Liv 14 (Liver 14)
Helps with liver problems. Use for muscle soreness.
CV 3 (Conception Vessel 3)
Meeting of the three Yin meridians: Spleen, Kidney and Liver. Use to relieve incontinence, regulate the uterus.
CV 4 (Conception Vessel 4)
Benefits Yin. Helps urogenital problems. Relieves lower abdominal pain, diarrhea and bladder infections.
CV 6 (Conception Vessel 6)
Benefits Chi as general tonifying effect. Use for tired or lethargic horses.
CV 12 (Conception Vessel 12)
Influential point for all Yang organs. Harmonizes the stomach, relieves gastrointestinal problems and relieves stress.
CV 14 (Conception Vessel 14)
Reduces heart irregularity and stomach stress. helpful in dealing with behavioural problems.
CV 17 (Conception Vessel 17)
Influential point for Chi. Use to improve overall energy of your horse. Use for all lung conditions, especially chronic problems. Stimulation of this point will increase or disperse energy, depending on your horse's need.
CV 22 (Conception Vessel 22)
Strengthens the brain and regulates the lungs and throat. Effective for respiratory problems.
GV 1 (Governing Vessel 1)
Use for constipation and diarrhea. Can stimulate first defecation in newborn foals.
GV 4 (Governing Vessel 4)
Intestinal problems and urogenital strengthening. Strengthens the lower back.
GV 12 (Governing Vessel 12)
Strengthens the body, use after chronic illness.
GV 14 (Governing Vessel 14)
Meeting point of all Yang meridians. Immuno-stimulation point. Use for heatstroke.
GV 26 (Governing Vessel 26)
Use for specific emergencies including shock, collapse, heatstroke, seizures or respiratory stimulation in newborn foals.
GV Ying Tang
Used for calming your horse. Benefits coughs and colds.
Bai Hui
Use for any hindquarter problem, heatstroke or over exertion. Point at which all Yang meridians merge.