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The practicial application of knowledge.
engineered wood products
Manufactured material fromed from wood.
Organically-based building material manufactured from recycled matter.
green building
Designing, building, and operating homes to use materials, energy, and water efficiently.
The land and surrounding environment on which a home is built.
computer-aided design (CAD)
Software that enables designers, architects, and drafters to make construction drawings, interior designs, and other drawings using a computer.
conventional construction
A building method in which materials are cut and assembled piece by piece at the home site.
systems-built homes
A dwelling in which the parts are manufactured in a factory, with the building completed at the site.
modular homes
A systems-built dwelling made up of seperate boxlike sections, or modules, that are built at a factory and assembled at the site.
manufactured homes
A dwelling completely assembled at a factory and transported to the site.
A security system that reads the physical characteristics of a person before allowing access.
automated management systems
Central computerized control units that oversee daily functions in a home, such as heating, cooling, lighting, and security.