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Who's eligible section 1

1 - 4 family structure

Must live in the home

No more than 2 roomers / boarders

Individuals only

Apartment - in any type of building

Condo - live in or rent to others

No farms

No mobile homes

Home under construction - no theft

Child under age 21


Named insured, resident spouse and family members, child and legal care under age 21, college student 24


Theft is covered under all home owner policies

Section 1 - coverage

A - dwelling

B - other structures

C - personal property


1. Specifically insured elsewhere

2. Birds, animals, fish

3. Theft by a tenant

4. Property of roomers and boarders 5. Portable electronic equipment in auto

6. Business data - on paper or on media

7. Aircraft

8. Water and steam

9. Autos - except wheelchairs and lawn mowers

10. Property in apartment regularly rented to others

Special limits:

1. $200 money

2. $1500 securities stop - bonds blue chips

3. $1500 jewelry, furs from theft

4. $2500 firearms from theft

5. $2500 goldware and silverware from theft

6. $2500 business property at home - on premises includes business electronics

7. $1500 business property off premises not including business electronics

8. $1500 electronic equipment

9. $1500 trailers and watercraft

10. $250 tape, disc, and media in a motor vehicle

11. Property usually at other residence - 10 % of C

D - loss of use - fair rental value and additional living expenses

HO perils

All home owners Forms:

Fire, lightning, WHARVES and CAP BOBBIE+ theft

Additional perils for HO - 3 - open peril on A & B - spillage, scorching, no fire.

Weight of objects, accidental breakage, non malicious acts by children. damage to fence by vehicle owned by the insured. Damaged by animals not owned- kept by the insured. NO THEFT IF:

1. Committed by insured

2. construction site

3. Part of the residents rented to others

4. At second residence when not residing

5. At students quarter if an unoccupied 90 days prior to loss

6. Watercraft - equipment - trailers away from the premise

Interior damage by rain when the structure has not been damaged

See top

Additional coverages

RIOTRODS- trees / shrubs $500 each - max 5% of coverage A ( flare + vandalism and theft)

Credit card forgery - $500 - endorsement $10,000