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* Sensation of a lump in the epigastrium. May be described "as if one had swallowed an egg or a rock"
abies nigra
* Metastasis; change in form or location of pathology.
- Marasmus; in children and infants
* discharge from umbilicus
* failure to thrive or emaciation with umbilical eruptions or discharge
* feels death is imminent. Predicts or has fixed idea of some specific time when death will come.
* "presentiment of death"
- fears: claustrophobia, being in a crowed or crowded room, earthquakes
* anxiety states following a strong fright
* complaints begin after a fright or sudden, shocking events
* shock and fear immediately after injury, exposure o accidents.
* urine retention in infants or mothers right after delivery
* women during labor, they feel absolutly certain they are about to die
* main Rx for early stages of croup
- restlessness
- sxs come on suddenly
- G: agg after exposure to wind, esp. cold, dry wind
- one cheek red, the other cheek pale
- bitter taste
- great thirst
* pain described "as if the rectum were full of sticks"
* pain radiates to the small of the back and hips, especially to the sacroiliac region
* arthritis and pains in the sacrum or sacroiliac joints
* back pain or sciatica and hemorrhoids
- hemorrhoids
- sharp pain shooting upward from rectum to back
- hemorrhoids associated with back pain
- back pain < stooping or rising from stooping/seat
* devotes entire life to animals, and bcome intensly attached to his pet. Collects pets in great numbers.
- severe acutes with vomiting and diahrrea and extreem prostration, esp in newborns
- 'hippocratic' face (wrinkled, old-looking)
- erutions on tip of nose
- intollerance to milk
* extreem fear of cancer
* twitching or spasms of almost any muscle group
* back pain which is markedly agg by sitting
- anxiety about health
- excited and ecstatic states
- G: < thunderstorm
- G: aggr from coition
- spasms and twitching of the eyelids or face; < before storm
- Hay fever, esp when associated w/ itching in the ears and upper palate
- grimacing
- severe low back pain and sciatica
- awkwardness in arms and legs

- twitching, fasciculations, and tremor of all muscles
* coldness of the genitals
- great anxiety and despair about health
- despondent and anxious
- presentiment of death
agnus castus
* headache during coryza; < in warm rooms, > open air
* headache agg on closing eyes
* profuse lacrimation which is usually bland, while nasal discharge is acrid and excoriating
* profuse watery discharge, "like a faucet"
* hay fever
- coryza w/ acrid nasal discharge, may excoriate nose or upper lip
- severe tearing pain in larynx during cough
allium cepa
* hemorrhoids "like a bunch of grapes"
- headache, > cold applications
- diarrhea, sudden urging for stool, esp morings which drives from bed
- urgent stool at 5 am
- involuntary stool esp when passing flatus, must concentrate to avoid accidents.
- hemorrhoids w/ marked congestion, > cold bathing
- flatus, hot flatus
* cannot be hurried; hurrying causes distress
* disorientation and loss of identity: "when he speaks he is unsure if the words were spoken by himself or by another"
* G: agg or avers potatos
* constipation so stubborn that patient is impelled to assist the evacuation with fingers
- mental dullness
- fear of knifes/blood
- < morning on waking
- vertigo, < on closing eyes
- severe constipation, usually without urge to stool
- heavynes of limbs progresing to paralysis
*asks questions but doesn't wait for the answer before saying something else
* intollerant of company when defecating
- senility and premature senility
- silly loqusity
- avrs company
- great sensitivity to noise and music
- G: < noise, music
- inhibition (stool)
ambra grisea
- tired, oppressed sensation in the chest
ammonium carbonicum
* irresistable desire to curse, swear
*definite amel from eating
* sensation of a blunt plug stuck in a location in the body
- pathological inferiority and low self-esteem
- hardness and cruelty to animals or people
- desire to prove himself
- sensation of a band around a single part of the body
* boils, skin ulcers and eczema w/ tremendous burning
* agg from radiant heat, such as stove
* thick, white coating on tongue like fur or 'like snow'
* food craving: pickles, cucumber
- irritable, peevish children who cannot bear to be touched or even looked at
- warm-blooded and < heat
- avrs to touch
- obesity
- indigestionfrom dietary indiscression; weak digestion
- cough entering a warm room
- pains in feet
- nails thickened and cracked
- plantar warts, callouses
- impetigo
antimonium crudum
* overwhelming sleepiness during cough or bronchitis
* cyanosis
* coarse rattling in the chest or larynx
* cough is wet and rattling but scantily productive
* coughs and bronchitis of elderly patients, esp. in the winter months
- weakened state and end-stage disease w/ respiratory compromise and feeble pulse
antimonium tartaricum
* general and local > cold applications
* swelling around eyes
* angioneurotic edema in allergy crisis (often marked swelling of face, > cold applications)
* glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, w/ dramatic edema of entire body (anasarca)
* urticaria (w/ burning pains)
* Herpes zoster or Rhus poisoning of face w/ markedly swollen lids which can hardly be forced open
- active, vital and busy patients
- G: marked < from heat; can faint when entering sauna or steam bath
- described as warm-blooded, but can be chilly in many cases
- stinging pains
- swelling and edema
- desires exercise and > from it
- general < from suppression of sexual expression as from loss of spouse
- conjunctival swelling (with prolaps)
- flushes of heat
- pharyngitis w/ > cold drinks
- pharyngitis w/ bag-like swelling of the uvila
- thistless
- cystitis w/ scalding pain during urination
- ovarian cysts esp right side
- severe dysmenorrhea
- akwardness (drops things)
* thirsty but vomits liquids immediatly; even a few drops can cause great cramping of stomach and vomiting
* chronic diarrhea w/ anasarca
- edema and anasarca
- fluids are retained
- gastritis w/ paralysis of the stomach
- "hanging down" sensation of stomach
- renal failure
"chilly Apis"
* electric shock sensations, esp. in sleep or on going to sleep
- pains and sxs appear suddenly
- Vertigo, often w/ sudden onset
- testicle pain
- inflammation or swelling of cartilage (often gerneralized)
argentum metallicum
* impulses: to jump from a height,...
* fears: heights, bridges, to be late; (claustrophobia)
* G: < eating sweets
* hoarsness
* violent palpitations w/ sensation that the heart will jump out of place
* eructations, frequent and loud enough to earn a "reputation" w/ friends and family
* impotence, < when thinking of problem
*combined: intense craving for salty and sweets
- suggestability
- sympathetic
- anxiety: health, anticipation/engagement/test, when alone
- > in company
- warm-blooded/ hot!
- < heat, > cold and cold applications
- periodic, severe weakness
- conjunctival irritation
- splinter-like pain in throat
- stomach: distention, maybe > by eructations
- desires sweets, salt
- diarrhea from anticipation
argentum nitricum
* injury w/ extravasation of blood, contusion, sprain,..
* bruised sensation
* concussion
* epitaxis while washing face
* cough from weeping
* acute sprains, bruises, myalgias (after over-exertion)
* symetrical eruptions
- long-lasting consequences of trauma
- extremly useful in post-operative patients for pain and promote rapid healing
- general < from excertion
- everything feels too hard, even pillow or bed
- putrid, "rotten egg" odors
- blunt trauma or foreign body to the eye or orbit
- dental extractions oe other procedures
- labor remedy
- arthritis
- soreness and bruised feeling in part lain upon
* tremendous anxiety, often w/ great restlessness
* panik attacks, esp after midnight, 12-2am
* anxiety about health
* restlessness, pacing or fidgetiness
* constantly calls doctor and is reassured only w/ difficulty
* fastidious
* desire to remain in control at all times - careful planning
* anorexia nervosa
* G: < midnight to 2 am
* pain usually burning (yet > from heat)
* right-sided coryza
* stomach pain > from drinking milk
* food poisoning
* thirsty for small sips frequently
- anxious, proper, tense and worried patients
- despair of recovery
- fear of death, disease (cancer), poverty, robbers, when alone (des complany)
- anxiety: for well-being of family members/friends
- selfishness, extreem stingyness, saves everything
- perfectionist, compulsive disorders
- depresion to point of suicide, suicidal impulse
- chilly, < cold, des. and amel heat
- periodicity, esp daily or 14-days
- offensive discharges
- prostration (may alternate w/ restlessness)
- acute: head complaints > cold
- chronic: head pains burning > heat
- swelling around eyes, often below the lower lids
- tongue discolored white
- gastritis, peptic ulcers, gastric malignancy - w/ extreem burning
- anorexia
- food desire: fat, sour, lemon, alcohol
- diarrhes: often acrid, offensive, watery; < anxiety/cold drinks/ice cream/fruit
- maignancy: testes,...
- herpes
- asthma: > sitting up
- coldness of extremities, Raynaud's syndrome
- insomnia (midnight to 1 am)
- eczema w/ dry skin, burning and itching
arsenicum album
- tremendous restlessness
- warm-blooded, may be considered as warm-blooded ars cases
- hay-fever, acrid watery discharges
arsenicum iodatum
* constantly biting lips or picking them w/ fingers, may cause himself to bleed
- great redness and irritation around mouth and lower half of the face
- cracking of lips w/ irritated look
- cracks at corner of mouth
- chapped, raw lips
- pathological boring in nose
- marked tingling or itching of the nose and lips
- coryza profuse and excoriating, mainly left
- throat: hoarseness
arum triphyllum
* salivation profuse during coryza
* sensation of a bubble or lump in the stomach rising up into the throat, "reverse peristaltis"
- globus hystericus
- abdomen filled w/ gas and greatly distended but no flatus is p[assed, despite much eructation
- empty or ineffectual eructation
* sensation of a bubble or lump in the stomach rising up into the throat; "reverse peristalsis"
- globus hystericus
- abdomen filled w/ gas and greatly distended but no flatus is passed, despite much eructation
- empty or ineffectual eructation
* tremendous sensitivity, esp. to noise
* general < loud noise
* hyper-acuity for noise, esp. noises like scratching of nails on chalkboards, or of chewing
- tremendous erethism, nerves on edge
- hysteria; hysterical laughing or crying
- restlessness of fingers; wrings the hands anxiously
- sleep disturbed or prevented by slight noises
- restless wringing of the hands
- alcoholism, craves alcohol
vertigo, often accompanied by floating sensation
* severe depression, suicidal states
* relieved by thought of suicide
* suicidal impulses by jumping from a height
* suicidal from the pains
* amel from music; deep love of music
*> evening
* boring headaches at inner angle of the right eye
- serious, successful, intimidating patients w/ melancholic demeanor
- ailments from grief or disappointed love; after business reversals and humiliation
- outbusts of anger
- spiritual inclination and desire for prayer or meditation
- fears: failure
- mainly syphelitic
- pains < night
- nasal obstruction and severe sinusitis
- bone pain < night
- moaning in sleep; crying out in sleep
* insomnia, sleep disturbed by palpitations
- palpitations, < in bed at night, wakes patient
aurum muriaticum