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3 hindrances to knowing all that God has for you

Ignorance, Misinformation, Denominational Doctrines

Know the 3 doctrines in The Bible on The Holy Spirit

Need to be born of The Spirit, Need to be baptized of the Spirit, Need to operate in power of the Spirit

New birth qualifies you, baptism of the Holy Spirit enables you to...

Live it!

Know the 3 experience of the Spirit

Be born of The Spirit, be baptized in The Spirit, Go forth in power of Spirit

Know the dispensation of The Holy Spirit

Genesis 8:8-12

V. 9: Dove sent out; no rest - returned

V. 11: Dove sent out; returned with leaf - judgment over

V. 12: Dove sent out; did not return

What did Jesus take upon Himself for us?

Judgement of sin

Old Test vs Church Age indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Old Test: came upon certain people during certain times for certain service the departed, The Spirit found no place to stay!

Now, Spirit comes and stays forever and He dwells inside all believers

Know what Jesus taught us about the Holy Spirit

Spirit produces inward changes

Spirit produces an upward worship

Spirit produces an outward flow

Jesus took

Our sins, our sicknesses, our curse, taste death for us, go to hell for us, suffer for us

Jesus did what to the demons in hell?

Threw them back

What has Christ given us the right to use?

He is giving us the right to use His Name John 14:13

What is The Holy Spirit Given to dwell in?

To dwell in us! John 14:16-17

The works of Jesus

Receive His redemptive work, receive the right to use His Name, receive The Holy Spirit

What are the 6 characteristics of The Holy Spirit?

1: He is The Comforter, 2: He will abide with us forever, 3: He is The Spirit of Truth, 4: the world cannot receive the Holy Spirit, 5: He will teach us all things, 6: He will bring all things to our remembrance

What does it mean when The Holy Spirit reproves the world of sin?

That we can never measure up to God's requirements by our own works, it is impossible

Know Isaiah 64:6 and John 16:8, 10 regarding Righteousness

Isaiah 64:6 our righteousness are as filthy rags, John 16:8, 10 reproves the world of righteousness

Know what The Holy Spirit will do

Lesson 7 page 17

Know what truths The Holy Spirit reveals to us

He'll guide us into all Truth, Truth of redemption, Truth of new birth, Truth concerning our authority

What 4 areas does The Holy Spirit give us power in?

1: power to liberate or free our spirits to communicate directly with God, 2: power to have boldness in face of persecution, 3: power to face death, 4: power to face the devil and demonic forces