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In a vision, Mary told him to tell the bishop of Mexico to build a church on the hill. Mary appeared inside his cloak as a sing.
Blessed Juan Diego
Taught that African Americans have much to bring to the Catholic Church.
Sister Thea Bowman
A priest who was devoted to Mary and gave his life so another could live in a Nazi concentration camp during WWII.
St. Maximillian Kolbe
He thought he was too young to be a prophet, God assured him that he would receive the help he needed.
She was extremely wealthy, and is an example of an early Christian who shared her material goods, she gave away her money and founded convents and monasteries.
St. Melania
He was a great prophet, who heard God speak to him in a cave.
With prayer and determination, he worked for the rights of Mexican American farmworkers.
Cesar Chavez
He was born in northen Africa to a Christian mother and pagan father in the 4th century. He became Christian at age 33 and then a doctor of the Church. His feast is August 28.
St. Augustine
This pope called the Second Vatican Council that addressed issues for the Church in contemporary society.
Blessed John XXIII
His favorite books were the New Testament and a book of jokes. Was a holy man who made people laugh, helped people to believe in Jesus.
St. Philip Neri
He was the first pope.
This pope was a peacemaker, he met with Attila the Hun, and made a bargain so Attila left Rome without harming the city.
St. Leo the Great
A Spanish priest, worked in Columbia against the slavery of kidnapped Africans.
St. Peter Claver
This pope called the First Vatican Council.
Blessed Pius IX
He translated the Bible into Latin.
St. Jerome
One of the first Japanese Christians, he was a young priest when he was martyered.
St. Paul Miki