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former slave
rebuilding of the south after the civil war
ten % plan
lonclons plan for reconstruction the south
government pardon
wade-davis bill
reconstruction plan the required all white men to swear loyalty to the union
freedmen's Bureau
U.S. government agency founded during reconstruction to help former slaves
13th amendement
amendment that baned slavery through out the nation
black codes
limited the rights of blacks to voted
randical republican
republican during the reconstruction
14th amendment
amendment giving all people citizenship if born it the U.S.
radical reconstruction
period beginning in 1867 when the republicans took charge of reconstruction
reconstruction act
an 1867 law that threw out southern state governments that had refused to ratify the 14th amendment.
to bring charges of serious wrongdoing against a public official.
15th amenment
forbids any state to deny blacks the right to vote
southern republican
uncomplimentary nickname for a norhterner who went to the south after the civil war
white southerners who resisted to change
secret society organized in the south after the civil war to reassert white supremacy by means of violence (killed blacks)
someone who rents land from another person
poll tax
fee to vote
literacy test
test to vote
grandfather clause
u did have to take the literacy test if your grandfather voted before Jan. 1, 1867
legal separation of races
jim crow laws
laws that separated people of different races in public places in the south
Plessy v ferguson
supream court ruled that segregation is legal
new south
tream used to describe the south after the reconstruction