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when did it start and end
early 1960's to 1975
who where involved
among others involved nz us and aus personel
the vietnam was can be seen as a continuation of what
the ideological battle of the cold war
when did the first indochina war last from
1946- 1954
who did the first indochina war exist between?
the french and vietnamese
who is the viet minh led by
ho chi mihn
where and when did viet minh win war
Dien bien phu in 1954
who did the viet have a backing from
what was decided at the geneva conference
viet split at 17th parallel
n- communist:Ho Chi Mihn and viet Minh
s- capatilist: Bao Dai - Ngo Dinh Diem
why did us not support elections
thought communism would win
what were the exuses used by us to stop elections
kenedy-ceasefire agreement had been broken
lyndon b johnson- alleged attack on the golf of tonkin to americanise the war
the colombo plan
launched in 1950 - social and economic development in asian countries bc under developed countries would be the next to fall into comunism
joined in 1954- signed by large number of anti-comunist countries as it promoted economic growth and wellbeing throught these countries
argued to be the most influencial treaty that prompted nz to send troops- first signed by nz and aus to protect the security of the pacific however as a result of continuos communist victory us signed
anzus quote- decision to send troops
minister of culture and heritage "the potential adverse affects on the anzus alliance of not supporting the us in vietnam was of paramount importance but the decision to participate was in new zealands own national interest of counteracting communism and sustaining a forward defence"
new zealand pressure from america through treaties quote
lyndon b johnson "im not going to tell New Zealand what to do...they know what to do"
why did economic support from britan to nz decline
they sought to join the european economoc community (eec)
historians argue- economic factors as trading agreement signed with us
"up untill the late 1959's new zealand food exports had difficulty gaining a foothold in the us because domestic competitors had powerful allies in congress"
holyoake- president nixon - economic factors
"new zealand can not be expected to play its full part in areas of international co-operation...unless the us has the trading oportunities which provide it with the economic means"
holoyacke -economic factors-skrew up
historians 'holyoake later took some pains to deny that new zealand veterans were fighting in vietnam for the increase of lamb quotas' with holyoake stating "this factor has been no more than margonal importance to us"
when did nz activly serve in vietnam
june 1954 - december 1972
how many nz troops at the peak and how many overall
550 but 3500 over the course of eight and a half years
what was new zelanads first action- military involvement
sent a surgical team 1963
send combat troops 1965
short term physical
hot, dry, dusty- poor immune stystem, conjunctivitus, ear infections, skin iritations

37 killed
187 wounded
quote short term physical
patrick duggan - former veteran " this may have been a result of the short training period that soilders recieved before being sent out to fight"
physical affects long term
agent orange - defoliant introduced by america to aid soilders in the hunt for the viet cong - nz govt refused to acknowledge that nz troops exposed- later shown nz one of most effected - uni otago 'veitnam veterans who served from 1962-1971 double rate of chronic lymphatic lukemia compared to the general population- carried on through generations -children spina biffida
soilder account - physological effects
"i just watched as if in a dream, unconected from the world around me, i just watched as sarge took an aim and fired"
intitally told to harden up - 1980 recognised as a legitimate disorder- significantly impacted nz as later discovered on 1991 that 12% nz veterans suffered syptoms
how many people turned up to support war initally
supported nationals decision 200,000 turned up for support
protests lasted from and included...?
1967-1971 thousands continually marching against the war- flour bombs and eggs thrown over us vice president- red paint on soilders calling them baby killers
soilder- return from war- comparisson
soilder patrick duggan wrote "in viet we faught alongside the aussies and the yanks and were exposed to the same soft deadly rain, although it took the better part of three decades for the government to aknowledge even that basic fact"
memorium of understanding
2005- consulted veterans and familliea regarding issues after the war- trust support ti children- national reunion- welcome home parade

2007 govt- $250 000 to childrens trust
crown formall apology
helen clark offered "an apolgy for the manner i which thier loyal service...was not recognised as it should have been"
historian- political change- public debate
judgement made by keith sinclar "tje vietnam war led to the greateat public debate of foreign policy in nz history"
change in foreign policy refected quote
norman kirk announced in a speech in 1973 " from now on when we have to deal with a new situation,we will not say what do the british think about it, or what would the americans want us to do our starting point will be "what do we think about it"
how was fp reflected later
in 1985 we refused to led america bring nulear ships into new zealand waters