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Most famous automobile ever built?

Model T


Selective service act required all men in what ages?


Amendment that provided for direct election for senators ?

17th amendment

Amendment gave women right to vote?

19th amendment

Act put 18th amendment to affect?

Volstead act

What pact supposedly outlawed international war?

Paris Peace Act

President assassinated in 1901?

William McKinkey

1st commercial radio station?


Has two Ks

Who founded the Grange ?

Oliver H. Kelley

Reminds you of olives

President during most of the roaring 20s?

Calvin Coolidge

2 C's

Publisher famous for yellow journalism ?

William Randolph Hearst

Act declared Puerto Rico an unorganized Territory?

Foraker Act

Act in 1883 classified certain federal jobs?

Pendleton Act

Act increased size of army and organized national guard?

National Defense Act

Act strengthened the interstate commerce commission ?

Maan Elkins Act

Act created a central banking system under federal authority ?

Federal reserve act

Doctor who elimated yellow fever from Cuba ?

Dr. Carlos Finlay

Who called for a return to normality in 1920?

Warren G. Harding

President who once directed food administration?

Herbert Hoover

Rymes with Uber

What year did scopes trial take place ?


What nation did the Dawes plan attempt to help trough tough economic times?


The court case that became famous from red score?

Sacco Vanzetti court case

Terrorist organization formed in 1919 to pro!ote communist revolution?

Third International