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What was the name of Nixon's plan?

Peace with honour

What was the average age of an American soldier?


How much to kill one VC soldier through blanket bombing


When was Kent State shottings and how many died

1970, 4 people

How long was the Cuban missile crisis

13 days

When was the Cuban missile crisis

14-27 October

How much was given through Marshall Aid


Which country was an independent communist regime


Who had his house bombed and what job did he do

A Mitchell Palmer, attorney general

What was the name of the anti communist raids and how many were deported

Palmer Raids, 500 deported

When did Prohibition start and with which amendment

1920, eighteenth amendment

When did Prohibition end and with which amendment

1933, twenty first amendment

How many enforcement agents were there in the first year


How much did bootleggers and gangsters make


How many were unemployed in the depression

14 million

How many black Americans benefited which alphabet agency

200 000

Civilian Conservation Corps

Who was Huey Long and what fortunes did he want to take

Governor of Louisiana, $5 million

How much was spent on the Hoover Dam


How much did the CCC pay

$1a day

Percentage of schools and hospitals built by PWA

70% of schools, 35% of hospitals

Increase in employment for women in the 20s


How much was John Scopes fined


How many hydroelectric dams did the TVA build


How many days was Roosevelt given emergency powers for

100 days