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East coast producer who was well known for working with bubblegum pop acts.

Don Kirschner

West coast producer who was known for his innovations, such as his "wall of sound" and using effects in his music.

Phil Spector

Artist of the early 50s known for "The Twist".

Chubby Checker

Host of American Bandstand. Known for promoting a wholesome image of teenagers.

Dick Clark

Artist of the early 60s and beyond that was known for his folksy, protest songs.

Bob Dylan

Guitarist known for his fast paced surf music.

Dick Dale

Band who cashed in on the surf culture boom of the early 60s, but later matured with albums like Pet Sounds.

Beach Boys

Skiffle artist popular among London Rockers.

Lonnie Donegan

The most influential band of all time. Seriously, you know almost everything about these guys.

The Beatles

Scientist that wrote The Psychedelic Experience and promoted LSD use.

Timothy Leary

London based band of the 60s whose members included Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck.

The Yardbirds

Style of music associated with Neil Sedaka and The Shirelles.


Style of music associated with The Ronnetes.

Doo wop (girl groups)

Style of music associated with Chubby Checker.

Dance music

Style of music associated with Bob Dylan.

Folk music

Style of music associated with Dick Dale and early Beach Boys.

Surf music

Style of music associated with Lonnie Donegan.


Style of music associated with The Yardbirds.

British Blues

Two bands that were in a battle for who could have the most advanced technology in their music.

Beatles and Beach Boys

British group of the 60s that dressed fancy, drove vespas, and abused pills.


British group of the 60s that wore leather, rode motorcycles and drank lots of beer.


Drug developed by scientists and became popular among academics and as a party drug before gaining more popularity among creative types and hippies.