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Karl Lashley came under the influence of which behavioristic giant while at Johns Hopkins University?
John B. Watson's influence can be seen in the early work of this Psychobiologist
Lashley's original study of brain functions (complex switchboard) was eventually proven wrong by himself and was replaced with what thought?
At the end of his career, Karl Lashley showed that brain activity was like that described by Gestaltist psychologists. What was his original theory?
While at McGill, Donald O. Hebb was a firm follower of this behavioristic psychology
Pavlovian psychology was the initial school of thought for this Psychobiologist
Roger W. Sperry found that using his split-brain preparation could help humans suffering from what severe condition?
people suffering from severe drug-resistant, intractable epilepsy received benefit from what procedure discovered by Roger W. Sperry?
Sperry and his colleagues discovered that each hemisphere of the brain has it's own characteristic range of?
cognition, memory, emotion, and consciousness
Behavioral geneticists tend toward which side of the nativism/empiricism debate?
The belief that some thought processes or behavior patterns are strongly influenced by heredity is the Nativist argument for this branch of Psychobiology
Sociobiology was considerably influenced by what field of study?
Ethology influenced this area of study started by Edward Wilson.
Biogrammar structures what human behavior in a similar way to how grammar structures our verbal behavior?
our social behavior is structured by this Sociobiological term.