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Which instrument became rare in bebop?

Rhythm guitar and clarinet

Stan Getz and Dexter Gordon played

Tenor sax

The bebop era pianist whose style included creative use of silence, clashing harmonies, and stride technique was

Thelonious Monk

Among the strongest influence on bebop were

Art Tatum in Lester Young

The first modern jazz musician include a trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie and alto saxophonist

Charlie Parker

Bud Powell played


Stan Getz was a featured soloist during the late 1940s with

Woody Herman

Which statement is not true

Bebop was the most popular jazz style

True or fals in spite of the Great Depression swing music was big business


Coleman Hawkins played the


In a male-dominated jazz world one exception was child prodigy Mary Lou Williams who played the


And the greatest jazz singers of all played by Dianna Ross in Lady Sings the Blues was

Billie Holiday

History was made in 1938 when jazz music showed up at carnegie hall in the form of

Benny Goodman

The electric guitarist who joined the Benny Goodman band in 1939 was

Charlie Christian

The superb female singer who be out Billie Holiday Inn downbeat and metronome magazine in 1937 was

Ella Fitzgerald

True or false when Duke Ellington toward Europe in 1939 he felt accepted as an artist gentleman and a member of the human race