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When was the Ancient Egyptian period?
3 000 BC to 300 BC
What did Pharaoh and his government do to protect the people?
Why did Egyptians take great care to clean?
It was part of their religion, to stay at peace with the gods (Religion = Helping)
When did Egyptians wash?
Every day, Before meals, Every night
What did Egyptians use as soap?
Soda, scented oil and ointments
What did women shave with, and what did they apply as eye make-up?
Shaved with bronze razors, Eye make-up contained copper ore which may have reduced eye infections (Chance = Helping)
What did richer homes contain?
A room for washing, although there was no plumbing to bring water in or out (Technology = Hindering)
How did rich bathe?
A servant would pour water over them. The waste water ran away through a hole in the floor or into a sunken vase in the floor

What were toilets like for the poor?

Wooden stools with a hole above a cup half-filled with sand

What were toilets like for the rich?

Limestone seat over a bowl standing in a pit

True or false: Toilet waste was washed away by water

False - it had to be emptied by hand

What was the Ancient Egyptian understanding of disease?

► Illnesses caused by gods and evil spirits (Religion - Hindering)

► Illnesses caused by blocked channels

► Lacked spread of ideas since Egypt was isolated