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president of the confederacy
Jefferson Davis
Led the march to the sea
Most capable general of the Northern Army
Stonewall Jackson was shot by his own men at this battle
Northerners who went into the south for financial gain
carpet baggers
would stand trial for impeachment
Andrew Johnsen
the state known as the "cradle of the confederacy"
south carolina
lincoln gave the south 100 days to surrender or he would free all slaves in the states that were in rebellion
gettysburg address
the first state to secede
lincoln's message in his first innagural address
we can't be seperated
this was the first naval engagement between ironclads
Hampton roads
the president would suspend this and would later be rebuked for abusing his power
habeas corpus
caused riots in the north
this made it legal for black men to vote
15th amendment
famous advance that defeated the south at gettysburg
pickett's charge
the first battle of the civil war
the first bull run
1) good command
2) defensive war
3) meaningful war
south's advantages
the largest battle ever fought on american soil
general Lee surrendered his army here to end the civil war
four slave states that did not secede
Arkansas, tennesee, north carolina, virginia