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Where were the circumstances behind these battles?
British soliders wanted to seize colonists weapons while marching from Boston.
What decisions were made at the second Continental Congress?
Create an army and put george washington in charge.
what was the olive branch petition?
a petition to George III swearing loyalty and begging him to help end the quarrel.
What happened at Bunker Hill? Where was the actual battle fought?
The battle actually happened at Breed's Hill. The colonists won and it showed that the British soliders could be stopped. 1000 colonists, 400 killed or wounded. 2,200 British, 1000 killed or wounded.
Who won the battle of Bunker Hill?
The colonists
Why did the Americans invade canada during the revolutionary war?
If britian lost canada as a base to attack the colonies, it would talk peace, or so congress hoped.
what was the importence of Common Sense?
Itpointed out independence woulod give americans the freedom to set up their own government and trade with whomever they pleased. They could shape their own future. Suddenly the idea of independence began to seem like a good idea.
why did the british retreat from boston?
the colonists surrounded the British's base with cannons. when the british woke up and saw this, they decided to abandon Boston.
where did the first battles of the revolution take place?