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What were 4 improvements in agriculture during the T'ang and Sung dynasties?
1. They developed fertilisers

2. Chinese travels from India introduced techniques to refine sugar from sugarcane

3. Cotton became a major crop

4. Chinese invented a variety of rice that let farmers grow more than one crop a year
Give 2 reasons why agricultre remained more important than trade.
1)Because of the growing population

2)Government favored farming over commerce
How did the aristocracy change?
Growth of urban life
Aristocrats flocked for a better life.
What was the Neo-Confucianism?
The blend of Taoist and Buddhist ideas with Confucianism. Neo mean "new"
At what kind of art did Sung painters excel?
monochromes--> consisiting of many shades of the same color
List 3 Chinese inventions that eventually had an impact worldwide
1) Printing

2) Gunpowder

3) "junks" or hihgly maneuverable sailing ships
What's a Lord?
a landowner
What's a Fief?
land the lord granted
What's a Vassal?
The person who recieved the fief or the land the lord granted
From highest to lowest, name the feudal pyramid
Nobles and Bishops
What did the Nobles and Bishops do?
they were wealthy landowners
What did the knights do?
they were mounted warriors who pledged to defend their lords' lands in exchange for fiefs
What did the Peasants do?
they worked in the fields. They had no land
What are Serfs?
they were people people who could not lawfully leave the place where they were born
Where did this feudal pyramid system take place?
What is a Manor?
The lord's estate
What is a Tithe?
Church tax that peasant familes owed to their willage priest (1/10 of their income)
How big were manors usually?
A few square miles
In general, how many families lived on the village of the manor?
15-30 familes
What was it like for the peasants and serfs working on the manor?
extremely brutal
serfs had 1-2 room cotages with dirt floors
peasants had a simple and not that appitizing diet.
Name 3 Facts about Deserts in Africa
1. Sahara desert largest in the world

2. As large as te U.S.

3.Desert covers nearly 40% of the continent
Name 3 Facts about The Rain forests in Africa
1. Covers about 5% of Africa

2. Very little light gets through to the floor

3. Soil is poor- trees suck up nutrients quickly
Name 3 Facts about the Grassy Plains (Savannas) in Africa
1. Covers about 40% of the continent

2. Hot, dry summers

3. Mild, rainy winters
What are some facts about the early african people?
1. nomadic
2.hunted in small tribes
3.eventually here- sheep+cows
4.moving to find water during
during the dry seasons
5. settled down in the savanna
and began agriculture
What is Aksum and why was it good for trade?
1) A city in Africa

2) Centerpoint of trade with Rome, Egypt, Byzantium and Muslin Empire
Aksum's achievements?
-first sub-saharan empire to
mint gold coins
-created terrace farming
-traded with Rome, Egypt,
Byzantium, Muslim Empire
What disease spread through Europe in the fourteenth century?
Bubonic plague, also named black death
What were the black death symptoms and 3 things Europeans beleived caused it
1.poisonous gases in the air

2.God's anger at humans

3.Jewish people poisoning Christians' wells
What was a penitent?
People who cried and beat themselves in the streets. People protected themselves with good-luck charms
What actually did cause the plague and why did it spread so easily?
small black asian rats and fleas that were on the rats

rats came onto ships from the east
What 2 great changes occurred in Europe as a result of the plague?
1. Serfs one to work on the farms

2.Many people were ashamed of God
What should you feel while approaching the church
-eyes are drawn to heaven
Where did the Golden Age happen?
What did Baghdad become?
A city of museums, hospitals, libraries and mosques
Social Classes for the Muslim's Golden age (hint- 4 classes)
1-Muslim born
3-"Protected People" (Christians and Jews)
Muslim Women had...
(Bad Side)
- very few rights
- couldn't inherit land
- had no say in marriage
- baby girls killed and buried
in sand if parents
wanted a boy!
Muslim Women had...
(Semi-Good Side)
-had more rights than European women
Muslim food restrictions
-No drinking alcohol or eating pork
-no eating carnivorous animals
-can't allow animal to suffer while slaughtered--> slit it's throat with a knife.
-Drugs forbidden (except medical drugs)
Islamic fasting and feasting
Muslims need to fast during the month of Ramadan. Can't eat from sunrise to sunset

(pregnant women, nurssing mothers, travelers and young children don't fast during this time)
What made learning possible?
-paper replaced parchment
-paper made books affordable
-text translated from Greek, Latin , ancient Egyptian, Chinese and languages from other parts of the world
Muslim empire included countries known today as...
Iran, Syria, Iraw, Egypt, Palestine, North Africa, Spain and parts of Turkey
House of Wisdom is...
-**was the place to learn
-started by Calif al-Mamun
-Without the H.O.W. the Renaissance wouln't have occured
-medicine and health care were the highest scientific achievements
-Qu'ran was a good help for medicine