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How many TV sets were bought in 1945?
" " in 1950?
less than 10,000
6 million
What were the only 3 TV stations used in 1945? Where in the US were they shown?
only shown NY-->Boston-->Washington
What was the increase of stations and cities recieving the TV programs from 1945-1948
9-->48 stations
8-->23 cities
(3 stations per city at most)
What did the Soviet's proganda show and serve as?
showed ugly scenes of slavery, pointed out unfair and immoral laws, etc. trying to get their ppl against the US
Why was Jackie Robinson important? Who was he?
Jackie Robinson was an amazing athlete who was the first black man to play in the major baseball leagues. broke huge racial barriers.
What did Truman do?
-desegregated military
-desegregated federal gov.
-first prez to address congress about civil rights
-proposed anti-lynching laws, to eliminate poll taxes, laws for equal opportunities for all (none accepted)
-truman doctirne
-prez wen atomic bombs dropped
What's facto segregation?
segregation evolved through evolution/expectation
Who is Truman?
the 33rd president born in the south who was vice prez to roosevelt who died shortly after starting his 2nd term as prez.
what does bipolar mean? (relating to the world)
2 sided world- one on soviet's side, the other on the US' side
What is the Truman Doctrine?
Truman gave money to greece and turkey to make sure communism was denied there
-said to the world: the us will help any1 being pressured by soviets or other communists
What caused Japan to surrender?
the US (authorized by truman) dropped 2 atomic bombs, on hiroshima and then nagisaki
When does Germany surrender?
may 1945
Who fell to communism?
czeckolooslovakia and china
What happened in Berlin?
Berlin (like the rest of Germany) was seperated into US and Soviet power. Soviet didnt like US being there (since Berlin is in part of the Germany piece). Stalin cut off that area from getting food and other needs, so we had to fly in necesities
What was the Berlin airlift?
US had to fly food and other needs into its part of Germany due to Stalin trying to force US out of Germany. 321 days we flew in supplies, 272000 flights
What's NATO?
north atlantic treaty organization
--> a bunch of countries that formed a defensive military alliance
When did the Cold War start?
Why did the Cold War start?
Soviet vs US
Stalin vs Truman
communism vs democracy
what was the 50's called?
Decade of Conformity
What was the 50's known for mostly?
-supremacy for white males
-silent generation: nothing to bitch about
- cold war
What type of work were Americans doing during the 1950's?
white collar jobs - buiness work
How many female managers were there in the 1950's?
percent of women single
3 %
what was the "emotional core" of the era?
What happens to the radio in the 1950's?
it was abandoned
how much time did ppl spend watching TV?
1/3 of their waking hours
What magazine wouls sell 100,000 copies a month?
another name for "race music"
rock and roll
music'c first true superstar
What was a popular TV show that reflected the love of the new music of the era?
american band stand
Which movement preceded the counterculture movement of the 1960's?
What happened in Montgomery?
boycott that lasted 381
What were 2 results of the auto industry?
mcdonalds and holiday inn
how did building highways contribute to the nation's safety?
helped the military move faster
What proved the Truman Doctrine to be "null and void"
the attempted revolutionary in Hungary
What did the Soviets do that scared Americans on the 4th of Oct. 1957?
Soviets successfully launched sputnick and put a man into space
What education practices were made due to this Soviet's threat?
children were taught to duck and cover in event of an attack (under desk while in class)
What was the focus of the protest in Greensboro, North Carolina?
preotesting segregation
Concerning the cold war, how much division was there among the nation?
How did TV help Kennedy?
People liked him and voted for him because they were charmed by the way he spoke "to them" through the TV
What would the Soviets start to build in Oct. 1961 because they wanted the allied forces out of Berlin?
the berlin wall
What's DEFCON 2?
max level of alert
What was SNCC?
student non-violent coordinationg committee
In birmingham, what was the main focus of protest?
to desegreate schools
Who's administration created the organization to help world poverty and hunger?
Kennedy's administration created the peace corps.
Did we become more or less involved in Vietnam during Kennedy's presidency?
when was John Kennedy assasinated?
November 22
What is Vietnamization?
Richard Nixon's plan to end the Vietnam war by turning over the fighting to the south vietnamese army and withdrawing US troops
What was the War Powers Act?
(1973) federal law limiting the president's power to send US troops to foreign conflicts
What is Realpolitik?
an approach to foreign policy adopted by Henry Gissinger and president Richard Nixon that emphasized natinals interests over moral or ethical concerns
What is SALT?
(Strategic Arms Limitation Tlkas) Agreements between the US and the Soviet Union, limiting the # of intercontinental nuclear missiles each nation could have
What is Détente?
Lessening of military and diplomatic tensions between countries
What is the Silent Majority?
name givne by Nixon to middle-class voters weary from social upheaval of the 1960's
What is the 26th Amendment?
constitutional amendment that lowered the voting age from 21 to 18
What is OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Esporting Countries)
a group of oil-producing countries, mainly Arab, formed in 1960 to get higher prices for oil experts
What is EPA?
(Enviromental Protection Agency) a federal agency created in 1970 to enforce enviromental laws
What is OSHA?
(Occupational Safety and Health Administraion) a federal agency created in 1970 to protect workers from unhealthy working conditions
What was the Clean Air Act?
federal law that set air quality standards and tough emissions guidelines for car manufacturers
Department of Energy?
federal agency created in 1977 to reduce US dependence on oil
What were the Panama Canal Treaties?
(1978) Agreements granting Panama control over canal operations by the year 2000
Camp David Accords?
(1978) Middle East peace agreement drafted by the US, Eygpt, and Israel
Iranian Hostage Crisis?
(1979-1981) period during which 53 americans in iran were seized by followers of militant Islamic leader Ayatollah Khomeini in an attempt to force the return of Shah Reza Pahlavi from exile in the US
What is NSC? Importance?
National security councel
--> the 68th version announced they couldn't uphold the truman doctrine
What was the case Brown vs. Board of Education about?
supreme court case that outlawed the racial segregation of public education facilities
What was the difference between protests in the north compared to the south?
north protests weren't met w/ violence, but in the south police and officials used fire hoses on protestors, sent german shepherds on them, and let haters beat them up as well
Who was Emitt Till?
a young black man who spoke to a young white woman and was beaten to death for it
what happened that was so important in the town Little Rock, AK?
it was the first major city to announce that they would integrate their schools (9 black students went to a white school).
What did the governor of Little Rock do that caused Prez Kennedy to send the federal guard in?
The governor ordered the national guard to go in and prohibit the blacks from entering, and wouldnt guarentee to give the students security
What was the civil rights act 1964?
made it a federal crime to keep an eligible voter from doing so
What was McCarthism?
the fear of communism that sent many random and wild accusations of communist ties (black list)
What does the term MAD mean?
it stands for mutually assumed destruction
What does NASA stand for?
national aironotic and space association
What were unmarried 25 year old women viewed as in the 40's through 50's?
old maids... something had to b wrong with them...
40' through 50's, what were women's place in society?
baby makers (which led to the Baby boom), cleaners, and cooks
What was the Feminine Mystique? Who wrote it? importance?
it was a book written by Betty Freidan that overall said, women are not progressing because we are held down by the male dominent society -millions read it
What did Betty Freidan found?
NOW (national organization of women)
due to Betty Freidan and others, what was seen?
much more rebellion by women
What were the main factors to the success of the Civil Rights Movement?
-federal intervention
-involvement of youth (especially north youth and whites)
-blacks becoming a political force
What was affirmative action?
giving minorities preference in jobs and schools
What happened in the California vs. Bakke?
It was a medical university vs. allan bakke who had been rejected twice even though he had a higher gpa than minorities accepted: claiming it was discrimination. he won.
Education Amendments Act?
Roe vs. Wade?
overturned all state laws prohibiting abortion
what were huge movie hits for teens?
Blackboard Jungle, Wild One, Rebel without a cause
what new buisness did TV spon?
TV dinners
What was Levittown?
"suburbia"- huge pieces of land that had hundreds of the houses made that were all the same
what were 3 new buisnesses/facilities?
franchises, malls, drive-in movies
How did the cold war effect culture?
-strengthened religion ("One nation under God' and "In God we trust")
-every1 working together even if diff.
National Defense Education Act?
it was an act that provided aid to public and private education
what did the NDEA do?
spent millions on science, foreign languages, and math
Major groups
- Southern Christian Leadershit confeder.
- student non-violent coordinatong committee
- CORE (congress of racial equality)
-malcom vs. martin
What happened in the powers incident?
Gary Powers was shot down over Soviet Union and captured (in a spy plane)
--> summet meeting never happened because eisenhower wouldnt appologize
Bay of Pigs
a plan to overthrow Castro Eisenhower made. had anti-castro cubans trained, then kennedy had them sent, but didnt send help wen 14 million were stuck on the beach and then captured. --. made Kennedy look BAD
Berlin Crisis
Crushev tried to take advantage of Kennedy n tried to force him out of Berlin by cutting supply lines to that part. flew in supplies
Berlin Wall
Crushev gave up, but then built the wall
Cuban Missile Crisis
closest we have come to send missiles at someone: russia had missiles in cuba. kennedy blockaded cuba--> agreed not to invade cuba n take us missiles out of us, soviet had to dismantle missiles
What came due to the CMC?
-1st limited nuclear test ban treaty
-hotline between heads of gov. over seas
Background on Vietnam
was controlled by french (french-indochina) but during WWII japan took it. after WWII french wants it, but vietnam wants independence, n us steps in to help french n south korea bcuz we want it run by a western ally
What's the 17th parrallel?
a point where korea split north (ho chi minh) vs. south (democracy) n had stayed split around there a long time
what's Counter Insurgency?
assasin groups that chase vietcom groups n other enemies
What's Insurgency?
gorilla warfare
Viet Cong?
south koreans who took the side of Ho Chi Minh and helped the north
marshall plan?
$13 billion given to rebuild europe
Who was MacCauthar?
a general during the vietnam war that kept telling harry truman he would end the war if truman gave him more men... never ended it and harry fired him
What is order of prezs during this IMPORTANT time
truman -> isenhower -> kennedy -> johnson -> Nixon -> Ford -> Carter
What did Johnson do?
-created Healthcare (medacare and medacade)
-urban housing developements
-billions into schools
-civil rights of 64 and 65
segregation banned in public places
what was the voting rights act?
federalized registration process that got blacks the right to vote
bras and high heels were referred to as?
instruments of oppression