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Why did Columbus travel actoss the Atlantic in 1492
to find a faster trade route to Asia
What was La Salle searching for when he set sail for the Gulf of Mexico in 1684
the mouth of the Mississippi River
Cortes gained control of Mexico by
defeating the Aztecs
Colonists were brought to Texas from the Canary Islands to
help secure Spain's claim on Texas by settling the land
Why were France and Spain in a struggle to occupy Texas
They believed whichever country owned Texas would be the most powerful country in the world
What did the Chicken War show
that Spain was very weak in East Texas
gone to Texas
most settlers of colonial Texas came from the
United States
Spanish officials were worried about the number of Americans settling in Spanish Texas because
they thought it would be easy for the Americans to take control of Texas
What did the Fredonia Rebellion do
was the beginning of the Texas Revolution
In 1832 Santa Anna arganized a revolution in Mexico
that game him control of the government
The two main roads leading into Texas from Mexico were the Old San Antonio Road and the
Atascosa Road
Most heroic document in Texas History
William Travis' letter asking for ore volunteers to defend the Alamo
1st perident of the Republic of Texas
Sam Houston
Lamar's presidency was best know for
contributions to public education
What prevented Sam Houston from running for a second tern right after his first term
The Texas Constitution did not allow back to back terms
The value of redbacks during Lamar's term as president
became worthless
Mirabeau Lamar thought that the Treaties of Velasco meant that the border of Texas
followed the Rio Grande to Colorado
After Texas was admitted into the US the next step was to
adopt a state constitution
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo made
the Rio Grande as Texas's southern border
the state of Texas has two chief executives
governor and lieutentand governor
Because Texas was a slave state
many Americans wanted to limits its state borders
journey taken by a group of people for a specific purpose
land controlled by a sdistant nation
to grant power or authority to carry out a specific task
Spanish explorer who searched for gold
Native American village built of adobe
process of extending the borders of an area
a fort or military post in an area under Spanish control
English speaking sellers from the US
Anglo American
person of Mexican descent living in Texas
group of people who share a viewpoint on an issue
lengthy military attack on a fortified place
troops stationed at a fort
adding a territory to an existing one
brief fight among a small number of troops
a person who wants to end slavery
Manifest Destiny
idea that expansion of the US to Pacific Ocean was certain
Mexican Cession
agreement where Mexico gave the US all land between Texas and the Pacific Ocean