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how many different types of slaves were there?what were they? and what were the percents?
- house 5%
-craft 15%
-field 80 %
how did the slave owners control their slaves?
-taught them to fear whites
-each state had slave codes which controlled the actions of slaves
-slaves couldn't learn to read or/and write
-slaves had no political rights
How did the slaves resist?
-they but back on thier work
-broke tools/damaged fields
-pretended illness
-they stole from thier master
how was the slave religion taught?what diffuculty was it?
it was taught oraly and it was simple
what is a spirtual and who used them?why?
it is a song with a simple melody and few words. the black slaves used them beacuse they couldnt read or write so they had to memorize the songs they would sing.
what was thier favorite topic?
Moses leading the isralites to freedom.
True or flase: slave marriages ofen laslted for long periods of time?
how long did slave marriages last?
until either the wife or husband left the plantation
what other name did this type of marriage have?
" Jumping the broom"
what do the following words mean in lanaguage of the underground railroad?
-underground railroad
-2 lines
conductor- led slaves to freedom
stations-safe hosues
tickets- "free"
underground railroad-secert escape route
2 lines- ohio river and masion dixon line