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Which languages had been developing since the 8th century?
Hindi, Bengali & Marathi
How did regional languages develop in the medieval period?
Bhakti & Sufi saints wrote and communicated in languages which the common people understand.This accelerated the development of regional languages and literature.
since when did Hindi,Marathi and Bengali develope?
since the 8th century.
Which languages were used for administrative purposes in the Deccan and the southern kingdoms?
Tamil,Kannada & Marathi
What were Tamil,Kannada & Marathi used for in the Deccan and the southern kingdoms?
For administrative purposes
Give two literary works which were translated to Bengali.

Who promoted Bengali in Bengal?
The muslim kings of Bengal
Under the Vijayanagar rulers which language became the language of literature
Telugu became a language of literature under which rulers?
Vijayanagar rulers
Which two kingdoms used Marathi as an administrative language?
Bijapur Kingdom

Bahamani Kingdom
Who wrote Padmavat in Hindi?
The Sufi saint, Malik Mohammad Jayasi.
Name some literary works of this period
Bengali translations of Ramayana and Mahabharata

Padmavat in hindi by Sufi saint Malik Mohammad Jayasi

Khaliq Bari in Hindavi by Amir Khusrau
Who were the great Persian writers of historical events
Amir Khusrau

Ziauddin Barani


Which was the greatest centre of Persian language?
A type of devotional singing associated with Amir Khusrau
Where are qawwali sung?
Amir Khasrau is also credited with the invention of what?
Several tals,ragasand musical instruments like the sitar and the dholak
Which two instruments did the turks bring with them?
The rabab and the sarangi