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What were the strengths of the Union?

-Twice as many people

-More manpower for fighting

-More industry and railroads

-Better economy and food production

-Recognition as an independent nation

-Better political leaders

What were the strengths of the Confederacy?

-Better military leaders and military tradition

-¨The Cause¨

-Importance of cotton to the world economy

-Fighting on home territory

-Fighting a defensive rather than offensive war

What is the date for Fort Sumter?

April 1861

Who was the leader of the Union at Fort Sumter?


Who was the leader of the Confederacy at Fort Sumter?


war plan named for the snake that squeezes it prey to death, designed to ¨strangle¨ the South.

-Who came up with it?

¨Boa Constrictor¨ or ¨Anaconda¨ Plan; General Winfield Scott.

What were the major elements of the Anaconda plan?

1. Capture the Confederate Capital city of Richmond, and the rest of Virginia

2. Invade Tennessee to move into the South.

3. Strike along the Mississippi River to split the Confederacy.

4. Blockade all southern ports to prevent imports and exports

The war was not over until _________.

the army of the South surrenders

What major city was taken in the Civil War?

Vicksburg, Vicsburg, idk how to spell it he just told us about it.

Do i love Kat?

umm.. duh!

Describe the North.

-Economy based on free labpr

-Diverse economy based on industry and agriculture

-Large cities undergoing rapid urbanization

Describe the South.

-Economy based on agriculture

-Mainly rural with few cities

-Few immigrants

-Economy based on slave labor