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What was Ben Franklin known for
Convinced France to become America's allay
Helped negotiate the treaty of Paris
William Franklin
Ben Franklin's son
Royal Governor of NJ
George Washington
Commander of the Continental Army
Margaret Corbin
A woman who fought in the Revolutionary War
Mary Ludwig Hayes McCally
Molly Pitcher
Brought water to the troops on the front line at the Battle of Monmouth NJ
Debrah Sampson
Disguised herself as a man and fought in the war
William Howe
Commander of all British troops in America
Led British troops at Bunker Hill
Nathan Hale
A patriot spy that was captured and hung by the British
Alexander Hamilton
Aid to George Washington during the Revolution
First Secretary of the Treasury
Hugh Mercer
Best friend of George Washington
Mortally wounded at the Battle of Princeton
Henry Knox
General in charge of artillary
First secretary of war
Johann Rall
Heshian colonel killed at Trenton
Charles Cornwallis
French General that surrendered at Yorktown
John Burgoine
His plan for British victory involved capturing Albany
Surrendered at Saratoga
Barry St Leger
Part of the failed plan to capture Albany
Defeated at Fort Stanwix
Benedict Arnold
Led Patriot forces to victory at Fort Ticonderoga and Fort Stanwix
Horacio Gates
Defeated the British at Saratoga
Bernardo DeGalvez
Spanish Governor of Louisiana
Raised a Spanish army and fought the British
Marquis DeLafayette
French Nobelman aid to George Washington
Thaddes Kosciusko
Polish engineer who helped the Polish build fortifications
Casmir Pulaski
Polish cavelry officer who helped train American troops
Fredrich Von Stubben
Tought the Patriot forces military discipline
Juan DesMorales
Urged Spain, Cuba and Mexico to send money to the colonies
Abigale Adams
Championed women's rights
Joseph Brandt
Mohawk chief who led brutal attacks against the Patriots
George Rogers Clark
Led Virginia militia in the victory on the frontier at Kaskaskia and Vincennes
Danniel Morgan
Led Patriot forces to victory at Cowpens, SC
John Paul Jones
Captain of the Bonhomme Richard
American's first naval hero
Henry Clinton
Succeeded William Howel as the Commander of all British troops in America
Francis Marion
The Swamp Fox
Led patriot militia in guerrilla warfare
Nathanial Green
Replaced General Gates as Commander of Patriot Forces in the South
Francois De Grasse
French Admiral who defeated the British in the Chespeake Bay near Yorktown. Cut off suplies to the British near Yorktown
Compte De Rochambeau
Led French Troops at Yorktown
John Jay
Helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris
First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the US
Thomas Jefferson
Governor of NJ
John Adams
Helped the negotiate the Treaty of Paris
First Vice President of the US
Who were the three people who helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris
Thomas Jefferson
John Jay
Ben Franklin