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Stalin first takes power in the ____ ____.
Soviet Union
After V.I Lenin suffered two strokes in 1922, ____ ____ and joseph Stalin struggles for leadership of the Communist party.
Leon Trotsky
Between 1922 and 1929 Stalin gained the support of the party even though _____ had believed him to be dangerous.
Stalin was determined to make the U.S.S.R. a major world power. He used tactics to rid himself of all ____.
Stalin controlled all aspects of _____ life.
A government that takes total, centralized, state control over every aspect of public & private life.
List the 4 methods totalitarian leaders used to maintain control.
1)Police terror
3)Propoganda & Censorship
4)Religious or Ethnic persecution
The police spys and intimidates the citizens.
Instructions to mold poeples minds.
Incomplete information to swap people.
Stalin began eliminating opposition within the Communist Party in 1934. In 1937, he began the GREAT PURGE. What was the purpose of the Great Purge? How many lives were estimated lost?
Campaign of terror directed at eliminating anyone who threatened his power.
8-13 million deaths,
Stalin outlined the ____-____
Plans to develop the Soviet economy. To reach impossible quotas of industrial output, production of consumer goods was limited. This resulted in severe ____ of housing, food, clothing, etc.
Stalin's government also seized and combined millions of provate farms into ____ farms. When farmers resisted they were often killed or sent to the gulag.
What are GULAGS?
Prison camps.
Through unmatched in cruelty, by the mid ____ Stalin had achieved his goal in making Soviet Union an industrial and economic power.
In 1911, the last emperor of the ____ dynasty was overthrown in China and the nation became a republic.
In 1912, ____ ____ became president, hoping to modernize and promote democracy. Civil war ended those hopes in 1916.
Sun Yixian
In 1921 ____ ____ helped found the Chinese Communist Party. He appealed to peasants whose lives were the hardest.
Mao Zedong
In 1925, ____ ____ (or Chiang Kai-Shek) took control of China's largest political party. He and his followers feared a socialist revolution in China.
Jiang Jieshi
What was China's largest political party in 1925?
This led to a long civil was betweem the Nationalists and Communists. It came to a temporary end when Japan invaded ____ in 1937.
Why were Indian troops outraged after WWI?
Because when they got back from the war the British refused to keep their promise of self-government of the Indians.
In 1919, 400 Indians were killed in the ____ Massacre.
What sparked the desire for independence of Indians from Great Britain?
The 400 Indians killed in the Amritsar Massacre.
____ ____ emerged as leader of the Indian independence movement.
Mohandas K. Gandhi
Gandhi urged the indian National COngress to practice nonviolent, civil ____ to weaken British control over India's government and economy.
What spark triggered the worldwide economic depression in 1929?
Drop in stock market & war debts.
Because of war debts and dependence on American loans, ____ and AUstria were particularly hard hit by the Depression.
To end the Depression, in 1933 newly elected President ____ ____ began a program of government reform called the ____.
Franklin D. Roosevelt.
New Deal.
New, millitant political movement.
In 1919 ____ ____ founded the Fascist party in Italy.
Beruto Mussolini
In 1922, under extreme pressure, the king of Italy put him in charge of the ____ legally.
Benito Mussolini became known as ____, which means "the leader".
Il Duce
In the meantime, germany was still suffering under the terms of the 1919 Treat of ____.
The NAtional Socialist German workers' Party, or ____ Party rose in opposition.
Adolf Hitler became the leader of the party, bearing the title ____ ____.
Der Fuhrer
After failing to take control of the German government by force in 1923, Adolf Hitler was ____.
While in Jail, Hitler wrote ____ ____ (My Struggle).
Mein Kampf
In this book he asserted that the German poeple were the "Aryans" or "____ ____" and all non-Aryans were inferior.
Master Race
The Nazis gained power after Hitler's release and eventually became the largest ____ party.
The ____ ____ caused civil unrest and many people looked to Hitler for security.
Great Depression
In 1933, German President Hindenburg reluctantly appointed Hitler ____ legally.
Hitler soon banned all political parties except the Nazis, and his elite uniformed unit, the __ __, arrested or killed Hitler's enemies.
The ____ were the Nazi secret police.
Hatred of the Jews, or ____, was a key part of Nazi ideology.
Laws were passed eliminating many Jewish ____.
On nov. 9, 1938, mobs of Nazis attacked Jews in the homes and destroyed their property in a rampage called ____(Night of the broken glass).This was only the beginning...